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WebBrowser MMO Major Patch v2004 – Map Size Increased to 16×12, Projectile Slot Removed, Layout Update & Bug Fixes

WebBrowser MMO Version 2004 (3/13/21 – 4/25/21)


webbrowser mmo


  • Webbrowser MMO Map size expanded to 16×12 which will include a large black bar temporarily as we remap.
  • Inventory size reduced by 4 to make room for larger map.
  • Ranged equipment slot removed, weapon slot now works with melee/ranged items.
  • Overflow items move to free inventory slots or to account bank.
  • Added split feature in map editor to shift map a desired amount from a starting column/row.
  • Inventory/chat sections reduced in size to fit larger game map.
  • Melee combat revamped slightly to check two tiles if players are moving and also reset attack delay in the event you hit nothing to require more skill in PvP.
  • 16:10 displays handle like 4:3 displays by reducing the game size slightly to make room for inventory/chat.
  • Re-enabled weather effects now that they support increased map size.
  • Weapons and ranged weapons are now categorized by the primary type of damage they deal. Magical ranged weapons are now a thing.
  • Assassins can now backstab NPCs solo. NPCs will no longer auto face target when invisible.
  • Major bug fix on NPC pathing around directional block tiles. They actually do it properly now.
  • Your own player is now always drawn on top and will always be selected when player stacking occurs on the same tile.


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MMO Browser Games Patch v2003 – Item Cooldowns, Speed, Effects & Scripting

MMO Browser Games Version 2003 (2/25/21 – 3/13/21)


In this game update, we addressed issued with experience being lost after a level-up where the remainder was not being applied after the increased level value.  Also worked on stabilizing movement speed.


mmo browser games

  • Experience gained in excess of amount needed to level now spill into next MMO browser games level.
  • Added script functions to manipulate item use cooldowns.
  • Movement speed per tile increased by 50ms to provide more precise control. Applies to NPCs as well.
  • Added movable effect animations from players/npcs to tiles and tiles to players/npcs.
  • Added scripting option to slow players so they cannot run.
  • Added scripting option to calculate viable path from one tile to another.
  • Chat channel buttons are now hidden if ignore chat channels is enabled in settings.
  • Bug fix with script functions dealing with NPC movement.
  • Removed international chat channel from client and server.
  • Fixed mobile client in bug that prevented tap movement.



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Free Browser Games Patch v2002 – Bombs, Bug Fixes & Blinky Name Customization

Free Browser Games Version 2002 (2/6/21 – 2/25/21)


Bombs are now available for players to use.  They function as non-moving projectiles and can hit multiple players while on the map, but at limited to only once per player.  Additionally, we now have the ability to customize the blink color of a name.  This will allow us for future customizations in the future.  Lastly, we had a large round of bug fixes.  Play Mirage by Play Mirage Online Classic or learn more by visiting our homepage.


free browser games



  • Resolved issue with projectiles hitting players on safe maps in this free browser games patch.
  • Resolved issue with going into combat when using skills.
  • Added support for customized blinky name colors through scripting.
  • Bombs/traps implemented as an alternative to ranged weapons.
  • There is now a 5s delay on players leaving after disconnection.
  • Map text is now capable of processing color codes.
  • Processing for color codes has been disabled for players.
  • Player tag implemented as a suffix to the name on map and in global chat messages (for Patreon supporters).
  • NPC tag implemented as a suffix to the name (useful for showing types of NPCs).
  • Script functions added to support custom data for entire account.
  • Shoot script functions now support custom items and direction of fire.
  • Fast moving ranged weapons no longer miss players/npcs due to timing.


Browser MMORPG Patch v2001 – Drag & Drop Inventory, Gamepad Support, Guild Permissions & Avoid Agro Tiles

Version 2001 (1/15/21 – Present)

  • Added additional server error handling to reduce impact of crashes.
  • Added remapping support for gamepads.
  • Basic inventory drag-and-drop support added.
  • Modified guild permissions so officers can promote initiates to members.
  • Added an NPC avoid aggro tile type which if a player is on will now draw initial aggro even if adjacent to the NPC.
  • Disabled ability to swap out equipment while in combat.
  • Implemented reCAPTCHAv2 for new accounts and account modifications/recovery.

Browser MMORPG Patch v2000 – Server Upgrade, Latency Improvements, Bug Fixes & Stat Cleanup

Version 2000 (12/27/20 – 1/15/21)

We have upgraded to a server with increased RAM to support the increasing player base.

  • Fixed NPC AI bug that didn’t pick target back up after player dying.
  • Added name color as global color for GMs.
  • Fixed bug related to deleting unused files.
  • Expanded max width/height from 90% to 100% to avoid scrollbars unless absolutely necessary.
  • Added /uptime command for players to see how long the server has been up for.
  • Added /load command (GMs only) to see server CPU/memory usage statistics.
  • Added option for map text to scroll in different directions or not scroll at all.
  • Added block and ranged block attributes to trap tiles.
  • Added member rank to guilds. Initiates now do not have access to the guild halls, but members do.
  • Simplified stats menu to make it less cluttered.
  • Added scripting option to show new windows, such as forcing the shop menu to appear.
  • Updated items to drop when PK occurs in non-allied guilds.
  • Like item names are now combined when displayed on the map.
  • The server will now restart if a crash occurs within 5 minutes.
  • Added scripting functions to get player language and latency.
  • Mobile joystick is now disabled by default for new accounts. Can be toggled in settings.
  • Hover over inventory description popups have been added. Mobile remains the same as before.
  • Multi-core processing for item/NPC spawn, NPC AI, ranged shots & vitals regen has been enabled.
  • Added script function to get variables from timers externally.
  • Added script function to get next timer runtime.
  • Added setting for enabling chat timestamps.
  • Implemented item cooldowns.

Browser MMORPG Patch v1999 – Show Names, Lighting, Projectile Improvement, NPC Flags, Guild Level/XP & Bug Fixes

Version 1999 (10/10/20 – 12/27/20)

  • Google reCAPTCHA implemented for account requests/logins/modifications and recovery.
  • Added an option in settings to always show NPC and item names on the map. Defaults to on for new accounts.
  • Added a self light so in dark areas players can easily still see their own surrounding.
  • When the show names option is enabled, the active item(s) you are hovering over will draw on top of everything else which is especially useful in guild halls with many items stacked next to each other.
  • Ranged weapons now have passthrough damage, meaning if two targets are in line of the projectile, both get hit.
  • Added /played command to show how much time has been played on the current player.
  • Added scared flag for NPCs to control fleeing through scripting.
  • Added patreon and discord links within the game for convenient access.
  • Added guild levels/xp for future scripting use and guild tiers.
  • Added ignore chat channels option to restore original chat style where all chat shows in the same channel and you use a specific character to do global/group/international.
  • Increased size of touch interface movement buttons.
  • Lights are now ellipses instead of circles to provide more flexibility.
  • Map item limit increased from 200 to 500.
  • Updated stats menu to include base/bonus/total vitals/stats.
  • Updated new player menu to include vitals/stats gain per level.
  • Split out show names setting with one for NPCs and one for items. Defaults to on for NPCs and off for items.
  • Made editors now scroll if not enough vertical screen space is available (for GMs only).

Browser MMORPG Patch v1998 – Out of Beta, Duels, PVP & Bug Fixes

Version 1998 (9/20/20 – 10/10/20)

  • MOC is now in release status–no longer in beta! No account wipe, but we are resetting the PvP leaderboard.
  • Map morality has been significantly changed.
    • Maps are either White=Sanctioned PvP
    • Red=Unsanctioned PvP
    • Blue=Safe (no PvP).
  • To PvP on safe or sanctioned maps requires players to target and challenge each other using the new PvP button. When a challenge starts, it’s to the death. When either player dies, the challenge ends. If a challenge isn’t accepted after 5 minutes, it expires.
  • To GvG on sanctioned maps requires both guilds to declare war against each other. Once a member removes the declaration, combat on sanctioned maps is no longer possible.
  • Buying a guildhall no longer adds upkeep costs until the next cycle.
  • Withdrawing items from the bank now default to the maximum possible value to remove with respect to inventory limits.
  • The minimum level to start a guild increased from 5 to 10.
  • Stats are displayed in their own window rather than in the sidebar where it would get cut off at some display resolutions.
  • Quests are displayed in their own window rather than in the sidebar. It will select the quest you are currently on.
  • When two guilds declare a mutual war/alliance with each other, their names will appear bright red or green respectfully. If there is a mismatch, the name will blink with the same color and also dark grey to show that the declaration is one-sided.
  • Swarm and guard NPC behaviors no longer keep aggro after killing a player.
  • Minimum guild members reduced from 3 to 1. You can now have single-player guilds.
  • There is now an option to disable the virtual joystick which will allow you to just touch buttons to move without having to drag the joystick.

Browser MMORPG Patch v1997 – Recycling, Experience & Visual Updates

Version 1997 (9/6/20 – 9/19/20)

  • Players no longer lose experience when killed by other players.
  • Items now have the ability to have a custom recycle value. All recycle values default to 1g but will be updated soon.
  • Creating/joining a guild now shows a warning that a gameplay shift from PvE to PvP will take place.
  • Reduced the visible size of inventory slots to better fit 16:10 displays.
  • Added repair cost, recycle value, and whether droppable on death to item description popup
  • Added two decimal precision to skill level progress percent

Browser MMORPG Patch v1996 – Traps, Snares, Projectile Lag Resolved & Bug Fixes

Version 1996 (8/14/20 – 9/6/20)

  • Tile traps added that can fire projectiles at players.
  • Removed chat channel characters. You no longer need to use ‘ or ! to do global/guild.
  • The international channel is now its own global channel for any language. Check it to talk with people using different languages.
  • Map shots are now moved from the client side but modeled on the server-side significantly reducing lag.
  • Map shots no longer stop flying when they hit something due to a previous change. They will only hit once though.
  • Removed cookies from the client, we no longer use cookies at all.
  • Added unique namespaces for all scripts tied to the player index, prevents one player’s script from clobbering another.
  • Ping command added to test your latency, type /ping to see. Value updates automatically every 30 seconds.
  • All skill levels are now visible from the stats menu on mobile clients.
  • Restriction on the number of resource/door tiles, and projectiles have been removed.
  • NPC option added to allow tweaking vitals regeneration.
  • Inventory quick select slot implemented for mobile clients and players using a gamepad. Use L2/R2 to navigate slots and B to use selected slot if on a gamepad.
  • Fixed dying again after becoming a ghost with ranged weapons.
  • Improved portrait mode in the mobile client so that text is a better size for socializing.
  • Players and NPCs now have the ability to be snared (so that you cannot move). This will be integrated into gameplay probably through class abilities.

Browser MMORPG Patch v1995 – Joystick Support, Skills & Resource System, International Chat Channel & Bug Fixes

Version 1995 (8/3/20 – 8/13/20)

  • Items now have a scale that can be applied to them.
  • Ranged weapon shots now have a scale that can be applied to them.
  • Added skill and resource editors to implement skills in MOC.
  • Added international chat channel where you can chat internationally. Works just like global, but allows all languages, not just your local language.
  • Locked down guild names and acronyms. If you need to make a last-minute change, let a GM know.
  • When a guild disbands, all declarations are erased from other guilds.
  • When a guild is created, both the name and acronym are requested.
  • New item images added.
  • New chat notifications now blink instead of showing a different color.
  • New script events for a minute, hour, and day timers.
  • Improved security for popups to prevent abuse.
  • The bug regarding the gold requirement for new guild members has been fixed.
  • Added script function for calculating needed xp to level skill.
  • Implemented an analog movement stick for mobile touch screens and improved responsiveness.
  • The server shutdown grace period is now configurable to give players more advanced warning.
  • Removed all heap allocations from the graphics engine to virtually eliminate occasional jerkiness seen with sprite movement.
  • Removed diagonal directions from mobile controls because they often led to an unintended movement.
  • Improved joystick responsiveness and resolved stuck joystick issue when using multi-touch.
  • Improved font sizing in portrait (chat mode) for mobile devices.
  • Added chat channel selection to chat mode for mobile devices.
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