Client Update v1980

1/25/20 Update v1980 – Global mute feature added – NPC attack warmup delay increased by 100ms to improve ability to kite NPCs with melee – Inventory tooltips no longer extend past top of screen – Minimum player damage increased to 0-5, minimum NPC damage remains 0-3 – Bug allowing ghosts […]

Gameplay Update

1/17/2020 Update Thief, Jester, Bushido, Ninja & Samurai have new spell, Invisibility. Mage, Cleric, Necromancer & Dark Mage spells buffed with range/cooldowns changes. Stronger offensive magic spells require closer range to target. Life by Death changed to ‘up to 20 HP’ based on 25% of NPC max health. Starting stats […]

Major Client Update

1/16/2020 Update Shops no longer speak twice when you first join them. Function additions to scripting language. Item limits for stack-able inventory items added. Removed the ability to swap equipment while in combat. Stat points changed from two each level to two between 1-40 and only one there after for […]

Client Update

1/9/2020 1:12AM Update  Email is remembered at login screen. Spam potions bug has been resolved. Players sent back to login screen after 5 seconds when server reboots. Global script events added for all game functions. Bug where guild members remained in guild after leaving resolved. Cooldown on spells now noted […]

User Interface Update

Today, we started freshening up the user interface by modifying the buttons.  We decided a little bit of text helps provide a little additional clarity for new players.

Client Update

1/5/2020 12:30AM Update Goal: To make damage be less spikey and controllable. Ability to sell any repairable item at any location you can repair Ineffective Armor (100% NPC/Player hit w/o defense) reduced to 0% (was at 10%) Ineffective Weapon (0% NPC/Player hit) reduced to 0% (was at 10%) XP calculation […]

Client Update

1/4/2020 1:37AM Update Goal: To make damage be less spikey and controllable. +1 STR gives 1.5 HP per point (up from 1 HP) +3 STR gives +1 Max Melee Dmg (up from +4 STR) +1 MAG gives 1 HP (up from .5 HP) 100% Armor Failure reduced from 40% to […]

Browser Client Open Beta

After nearly 4 years of development and an art style change, we are now entering a small open beta stage to find any obvious bugs, to balance the world and begin developing the external world of Mirage Online Classic.