Patch v1998 – Out of Beta, Duels, PVP & Bug Fixes

Version 1998 (9/20/20 – 10/10/20) MOC is now in release status–no longer in beta! No account wipe, but we are resetting the PvP leaderboard. Map morality has been significantly changed. Maps are either White=Sanctioned PvP Red=Unsanctioned PvP Blue=Safe (no PvP). To PvP on safe or sanctioned maps requires players to […]

Patch v1997 – Recycling, Experience & Visual Updates

Version 1997 (9/6/20 – 9/19/20) Players no longer lose experience when killed by other players. Items now have the ability to have a custom recycle value. All recycle values default to 1g but will be updated soon. Creating/joining a guild now shows a warning that a gameplay shift from PvE […]