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List of Mirage NPCs

There are hundreds of monster NPCS (non-playable characters) within our browser game.  With the world changes frequently, this list of Mirage NPCs provides you with nightly dynamic updates to the enemies you’ll fight throughout the world.  With this information, you can plan out your journey as you explore the land or locate a potential new farming spot for you and your teammates to grind levels.  In the future, additional information such as sight range, movement speed and description can potentially be added to the chart below.

A few of the monsters you will encounter throughout the world will have unique abilities.  To flag these NPCS, a symbol has been added before the display name of these monsters to indicate their specific ability.  Each different ability must be handled in it own way.  Over time, you will understand how to adapt to the challenge.  If you struggle, talk to fellow players within global chat.

The current unique identifiers are as follows:

  • ➼ Use ranged projectiles
  • ⛤ Use magic projectiles
  • ✟ Heal self or allies
  • 💬 Click for interaction
  • ☠ Proceed with caution


Troll Scout80022500503535
Wolf Rat15050000025
Forest Spider550125002500
➼Elvish Ranger57500130507575
Troll Mercenary17505000013510075
☠Nonconforming Ape1500185001603535
Forest Serpent50010000251010
Christmas Cow10000000
Fang Lizard3058000000
Knight of Norax775140001005050
☠Jasper the Unfriendly Ghost1500225001255050
Elder Demon187000800
Demon Sentinel775140001005050
Elder Nightmare5000825000150150
Giant Scorpion600200500505075
Shadow Wraith800000200
Undead Crusader70014000905030
Two-Headed Snake40000300
➼Dark Crusader600001001002550
Dark General760000700
Son of Kair-Nrx2010001800
King Dekkar III1000100
Court Jester10000000
Death Jester450000200
⛤Dark Mage50010012502510050
Dread Spider60013500351010
Court Jester13000000
☠Decaying Sorcerer750075052575050350225
Sewer Snake45011000301515
➼Undead Waiter6001450115602525
Orcish Scout17000100
Sewer Thief45012000756045
Death Asp55013000502525
Dark Priestess700000500
✟Blood Knight55016010009000
Tomb Robber400145001755050
☠Gate Keeper100015000100500
Cursed Mummy74000800
The Dead King26250001000
Old Wizard1000000
Nate the Ninja255000000
Dark Druid640000600
⛤Jelly Fish1400125350125100425250
Demonic Squid75000600
Lost Sailor2550001000
Crawling Corpse600000500
Crypt Knight85000000
Wailing Soul600000800
Necrus Eternum75000500
Prison Rat1000000
Frost Lord20000001000
Frost Guard1000000
Ogre King2000002000
Ogre King100000300
Old Skull1000000
Training Stick Figure1000000
⛤Eye of Newt5501251400957550
Training Dummy80000300
Trizarhn Ancestor13254000050200175
Fire Walker50000400
Grandma Grusome80000200
Touch of Death1000000100000
Aged G'Loritch240077500150150150
Tower Keeper1000000
Vorpal Bunny5000002000
Practice Dummy19000200
☠Norax Guardian1550180001605060
Savage Chief900050050050075135135
Young Death20000001000
Master Death22000001200
Devil Spawn2400001400
Shadow Knight9200000000
Pit Lord2550001200
☠Frozen Thomp2500012501250025100100
Troll Prince1600000500
Abyssal Creature 640000800
☠Flame Lord16006005050125200200
☠Vorpal Cottontail400008503000050100100
Bagel Boy6000300
⛤Trizarhnian Spellcaster110010030010075400250
☠Vision of Trizarhn3000050010001000012575
Hallowed Soul480000500
Warp Wizard500000000
Lava Beast150000000
Coffee Grinder1000000
Bug's Bunny70000300
Desert Wraith440000700
Twisted Climber65000500
➼Insane Climber60000400
Touch of Pain1500000000
Training Pig252500000
Flame Scorpion500000000
Fuzzy Bunny1000000
Angry Drunk58000600
Angry Hipster80015000902575
Big Jelly1800000100
Shade of a Mystic3000000000
Trollossal Guard1750060060060050125125
Troll Assassin1000000
Bull God5000001000
Daddy Long Leg550022522522502525
Well Bat25000500
Well Elf1000000
Test Boss1000000800
Troll Guard1000080000500
⛤Troll Mage150016503001650012575
Welcome Bunny30000000
Troll Prince100000001000000
Basic Training Dummy1000000100000
Advanced Dummy1000000100000
Range & Magic Dummy1000000100000
Jailed Citizen1000000
Jailed Citizen1000000
Jailed Citizen1000000
Jailed Citizen1000000
Jailed Abomination55000000
Even-Bigger Scorpion600030030030025100100
✟Golgotha's Imp150758502500
☠Elder Spirit10000000000
Lancer of Death15000050000
Giant Rat1000000000
☠Elder Beast1000050000150150150
Alephy the Brute5400001500
Alephvale Trainer400001200
Alephvale Trainer400001200
Touch of Frost2000001000
Hall Guardian250010000025175175
Elder Knight200011000075150100
Babylonian Assassin1000000
Unthinkable Nightmare50000050000
Spiro the Mytic3000000000
☠Well Beast100012520020050050
☠Dragon's Mouth Guardian4000018000010050
☠Santah Klaws the Impostor100000800000150150
Rat Elf100015000175250225
☠Graystone Brute100003000005050
☠Graystone Brute250004756000075125
☠Dragon's Mouth Guardian8000024000012575
Bubble Beast60000000
Fallen Knight2500125000502525
Kamenhotep III1000000
Elder Guardian350015000075125125
Sneaky Mouse50000175175000
Baby Yeti150010000050100100
Elder Scorpion4500150000100150150
Mama Bear500030012501250125150150
Happy Cow1000000
Angry Giant Bull1500000500
Lake Monster1000000
Nocturnal Visitor50010000252525
☠Graystone Devil20000010002500001000
Hidden night spawn10000000000
☠Aggrieved Goblin5000000000
Globulous the Grand1000000
Dr. Cat1000000
💬Darkcone Traveler10000075010010010000
Half Fallen Angel25007750100500200
☠Dragon's Mouth Consigliere16000012003500000100
☠Trial of Fire50000125075000175175
☠Trial of Water5000015000050125125
☠Trial of Earth500001750005000
☠Trial of Air50000001000000
Thin Air1000005000150150
Agitated Clump250030000505050
Disturbed Dirt Goblin250030000505050
Flustered Frog250030000505050
Turbulent Tree25003000050048
☠Touch of Death500002000011111
💬Crazed Ridoranan1000000
Test Flee10000101010101010
💬Sulk the Unspectacular 1000000
☠Snow Bunny750006000075100125
✟Megagolgotha's Imp20001000005050
Life Orb1000000
Jail Guard2550001600
Tidal Wave72528500606085
Molten Scorpion825450006085110
Big Bad Wolf3550190190190255050
Mutated Sewer Rat5000040010001000505050
Giant Molten Scorpion82504504504500100100
Sewer Bandit6001300002525
Master P100000010001000000
Trench Bruiser1111144400000
Passage Watcher5555555500000
Kair-Norax Acolyte2800800000225225
☠Kair Norax50000250010007500150150
Papa Bear15000000000
Baby Bear15000000000
Mama Bear15000000000
Cave Ophidian65020000000
Son of Cottontail250080000000
☠Papa Bear125000900900900000
☠Mama Bear100000800800800000
☠Baby Bear75000750750750000
Miles the Bombay1000000
Ezri the Bombay1000000
Dirty Bomb10002000000250250
💬Prince Desmond100000000000
☠Ice Queen15000010000005050
Test Dummy250000000000
Raft Troll1000000
Babylon Knight5000200000100010001000
Giant Evil Death Bear200000100000505050
☠Siamese the Viper250000120000000
Enslaved Soul1000015000050300300
☠Kair Norax1000003000100075050250250
Pastor Smalley100100100100100100100
Big Fucker1000000
Mindless Skeleton25001000000400400
Sickle Bone2000007500500500
Resurrection Mary5000050000000
Duck Boss200002000010000
High Health Test100000000000
Baby Grizzly20002525000
Forest Sage Tanis1000000
Dark Dweller75050000255050
Rock Goblin107540000507575
Dirty Wizard6500500001000
☠Vorpal Cottontail100000200040000100300300
Dwarflin Forest1000000
Norax Guardian1000100000000
Troll Enforcer7000100000507575
Forest Giant5000010000050150150
Mob 11000000
Mob 21000000
Mob 31000000
Mob 41000000
Hardest boss ever1111111000000000
Brainwashed Savage5000150000125500500
Test NPC (can delete)10001000100000
Tommy the Great50000075000000
Jack the Joker25000125000100250250
Black Pawn1000000
White Pawn1000000
Black Knight1000000
White Knight1000000
Black Rook1000000
White Rook1000000
Black Bishop1000000
White Bishop1000000
Black Queen1000000
White Queen1000000
Black King1000000
White King1000000
Trainer Bill1000000
Ninja Steve25000000000
Master Yang25000000000
Future Inmate Guy1000000
Guard Trainee1000000
Big Dick Larry1000000
Funky Nick Rogers1000000
Top Secret12312312312300000
Cabal Gorilla500015000050150150
Darkcone Associate3000010000000
Darkcone Associate3000001000000
Darkcone Associate3000130000000
Darkcone Associate3000100000000
Darkcone Associate3000010000000
Darkcone Associate3000001000000
Darkcone Associate3000130000000
Darkcone Associate3000100000000
☠Otis the Brute500001000000200200
☠Musty Jones500001000000100100
☠Mondo Kong1000001200000100100
☠Touch of Duck750000500500500000
☠Waylon Cutthroat247365133700133713371337
☠Jethro Cutthroat250002000000000
☠Raylan Cutthroat25000014000050200200
Big Angel1000000
Big Paladin1000000
Big Mage1000000
Big Cleric1000000
Big Assassin1000000
Big Barbarian1000000
Big Ranger1000000
💬Boss's Assistant1000000
💬Pit Boss9001900190019001900190019001
💬Crafter Dan1000000
💬Lord Gandalf1000000
💬Jonathan Tutorial1000000
☠Ninja Steve200002000000200200
Living Bomb50010000000
Small Treasure0000000




List of Mirage Items

There are hundreds of items within our free online game.  With the world changes frequently, this list of Mirage Items is updated nightly and gives you an idea of the long list of things to obtain throughout the world.  With this information, you can plan out your journey as you explore the land or locate a potential new gold farming spot for you and your teammates.  In the future, additional information will be shared as this feed is enhanced.

A few types of items have standardized attributes and classes who can use them

The current unique attributes and classes are as follows:

  • Mages are the only class currently able to use magic projectiles
  • Two-Hand melee weapons can only be used by Paladins, Clerics & Barbarians
  • Two-Hand range weapons can only be used by Rangers
  • One-hand range & magic weapons have a tile range of 4 and a per tile delay of .15
  • Two-hand range & magic weapons have a tile range of 6 and a per tile delay of .175
  • Equipping a two-hand weapon disables your ability to use a shield


Name Uses Repair Cost Recycle Value Required Level Death Drop Min ATK Max ATK Min DEF Max DEF Min RAT Max RAT Min RDF Max RDF Min MAT Max MAT Min MDF Max MDF
Leather Jacket1500225751false0010200020400000
Mystic Spoon1500225751false0000000016019000
Gold Coins1001false
Throwing Axe1500225751false000080160000000
Mail Coif1500225751false0041600000000
Jester's Cap1500225751false0000004160000
Book of Shielding1500225751false0000000000416
Wooden Shield1500225751false0000004160000
Focused Pendant9004501501false0000000000416
Sentinel Pendant9004501501false0041600000000
Quick Pendant9004501501false0000004160000
Brilliant Pendant9004501501false000000004800
Titan Pendant9004501501false480000000000
Precise Pendant9004501501false000048000000
Scaled Armor15003001001false00265200000000
Wool Jacket15003001001false0018260026520000
Winged Hood15003001001false0000000000620
Kettle Helmet15003001001false0000006200000
Rabbit Meat1011true000000000000
Focused Necklace9006002001false0000000000620
Sentinel Necklace9006002001false0062000000000
Quick Necklace9006002001false0000006200000
Wooden Rod15003001001false0000000018020500
Blooding Blade15003001001false761020000000000
Book of Resistance15003001001false0000000000620
Strong Heater15003001001false0062000000000
Canvas Shield15003001001false0000006200000
Brilliant Necklace9006002001false0000000062000
Titan Necklace9006002001false6200000000000
Precise Necklace9006002001false0000620000000
Discolored Chrisom15004501505false0016320000003264
Bronze Chest15004501505false00326400000000
Elven Garb15004501505false0016320032640000
Fishing Pole500001false000000000000
Beginner's Rod50011false000000000000
Seal of Warding15004501505false0000000000824
Kite Shield15004501505false0082400000000
Ancient Deflector15004501505false0000008240000
Solar Cap15004501505false0000000000824
Iron Helm15004501505false0082400000000
Wings of Zeus15004501505false0000008240000
Focused Ring9009003005false0000000000824
Sentinel Ring9009003005false0082400000000
Fishing Bait1011false000000000000
Quick Ring9009003005false0000008240000
Brilliant Ring9009003005false0000000082400
The Old Raft2000101false
Titan Ring9009003005false8240000000000
Precise Ring9009003005false0000824000000
Angler's Reel2500001false000000000000
Rusted Key1011true
Shadow Drape15006002005true0015350000003070
Fortified Chest15006002005true00307000000000
Empty Plate100011false000000000000
Passage Sceptor1011true
Blood Key1011true
Jeweled Key1011true
Blood Tunic15006002005true0015350030700000
Viking Sword15006002005true801200000000000
Scorpion Sting1011true
Acoustic Guitar15006002005true701100000000000
Falcon Blade30006002005true601006120061200612
Iron Javelin15006002005true000090200000000
Night Star30006002005true000090180000000
Glyph of Protection15006002005true00000000001028
Falcon Shield15006002005true00102800000000
Bottle of Beer1011true
Gorgon Shield15006002005true00000010280000
Shield of V’Drazzig30006002005true244182441824418
Steel Bascinet15006002005true00102800000000
Axe of Ruin500050000500025true1801800000000000
Bomb Effect1011true-10000-1000000-10000-100000000-10000-10000
Halo Mask15006002005true00000000001028
Viking Helmet15006002005true00000010280000
Helm of V’Drazzig30006002005true244182441824418
Focused Moccasins90012004005true00000000001028
Sentinel Moccasins30012004005true00102800000000
Quick Moccasins90012004005true00000010280000
Magic Raft0011true
Hybrid Power Moccasins180012004005true520245202452024
Crag Stone1011true
Water Elf Stone1011true
Ice Elf Stone1011true
Fire Elf Stone1011true
Sky Elf Stone1011true
Earth Elf Stone1011true
Magic Rope1011true
Day Flower1011true
Mud Key1011true
Weird Rock1011true
Big Rock1011true
Brilliant Moccasins90012004005true00000000102800
Titan Moccasins90012004005true10280000000000
Precise Moccasins90012004005true00001028000000
Hybrid Guard Moccasins180012004005true245202452024520
Powerful Keepsake900150050010false72500725000000
Crypt Key1001true
Magical Keepsake900150050010false00007250072500
Guarded Keepsake900150050010false00725007250000
Tower Key50000011true
Babalonian Ring0011true
Snake skin1011true
Hexed Keepsake900150050010true00000072500725
Focused Keepsake900150050010true00000000001035
Sentinel Keepsake900150050010true00103500000000
Quick Keepsake900150050010true00000010350000
Brilliant Keepsake900150050010true00000000103500
Titan Keepsake900150050010true10350000000000
Precise Keepsake900150050010true00001035000000
Conjurer's Blade225090030010true0000000018521500
Light's Edge225090030010true701400000000000
Enchanted Shield225090030010true816412000000824
Devil's Guard225090030010true00824816000000
Halcyon Heater225090030010true816412008240000
Aegis Shield225090030010true714620714620714620
Sky Shroud2250150030010true0010450000002090
Ceramic Breastplate2250150030010true00209000000000
Tarragon Tunic2250150030010true0010450020900000
Guardian Plate2250150030010true101515501015155010151550
Living Skullcap2250150030010true816412000000824
Midnight Basinet2250150030010true00824816000000
Vikso Helmet2250150030010true714620714620714620
G'Loritch Skull115151false
Troll Flesh1011false0010200000002040
Quarry Meat1011false
Animal Pelt20011false
Hard Candy1001false
Ancestor Key1000true
Fuzzy Bunny Key1011true
Slice of Trizarhn Pie1001false
Staff of Wardos2250120040010true0000000020025000
Trizarhn's Recurve2250200040010true0000110190000000
First Elder Key1001true
Second Elder Key1001true
Shield Of Krogg2250200040010true0012360061800412
Crown Of Zueg2250200040010true0041200824001236
Heirloom Skullguard2250200040010true0012360061800412
Jinn's Lamp900200040010true00001515000000
Lucky Rabbit's Feet900200040010true510510510510510510
Ticket to the Beyond1011true
Third Elder Key1001true000000000000
Lonely Skull900200040010true15150000000000
Coin Purse25000160010true000000000000
Divinity Orb900200040010true101000101000101000
Righteous Blade2250200040010true701100000000000
Copper Shield1011true0010200000002040
Copper Brigandine1011true0010200000002040
Copper Helmet1011true0010200000002040
Copper Axe1011true0010200000002040
Copper Spike1011true0010200000002040
G'Loritch Powder1001true
Wild Rose1011true
Gold Nuggets1011true
Beginner's Skill Kit1001true000000000000
Imbued Corset1500750751true182618261826182618261826
Auburn Tunic150010002251true163216321632163216321632
Cobalt Armor150015002505true164016401640164016401640
Troll Heart1011false
Nocturnal Fang1011false000000000000
Mama Bear's Intact Stomach1011false000000000000
Aged Bottle of Merlot1011false
Grain of Sand1011true
Falcon Shield200011true000000000000
Armor of Norax300011true000000000000
Helm of Norax200011true000000000000
Shield of Norax200011true000000000000
Dragons Helm200011true000000000000
Frozen Shadow300011true000000000000
Shadow Sabre300011true000000000000
Devils Guard200011true000000000000
Rock Smasher2500001false000000000000
Specialized Edge2500001false000000000000
Crappie-o-matic 25002503001false000000000000
Scorpion Extract1000true
JoJo's Prized Banana1010001false
Set of Sewer Keys1000false
Hand of Wardos500050000500025true0000000027532500
Thief Emblem1001false
First Guardian Token1001true
Second Guardian Token1001true
Third Guardian Token1001true
G'Loritch Helm1000001true000000000000
Cesspool's Sewer Key1000true
Gloop's Sewer Key1000true
Oozer's Sewer Key1000true
Mental Mushroom10111true000000000000
Guardian Key1001true
Hero's Wish1001true
Recipe: Pack of Pelts1111true
Pack of Pelts1111true
Small Pot of Honey10001false
Crappie Cupcake1001false
Medium Pot of Honey50001false
Big Pot of Honey250001false
Huge Pot of Honey1250001false
Lucifer's Plate2250500050015true4040520303020404040520
Kings Wrappings300100011true
Horrid Mask200200011true
Welcome Sword10010011true110000000048
Throwing Rock10010011true000000000000
Guild Deed111000001true
Bag of Rats1011false
Potion of Intentional Madness1111true
Welcome Key1111true
Bit of Flesh1111true
Chunk of Meat1111true
Potion of Clear Mind1111true
Potion of the Unskilled Witch1111false
Fish Feast1111true
Fish in a Barrel1111true
Fish Taco1111true
Treasure Map1111true
Learning Tonic1001false
Forgiveness Brew1101false
Orb of Minor Experience1001false
Orb of Experience1001false
Orb of Substantial Experience1001false
Orb of Colossal Experience1001false
Elixir of Pronounced Life1050010false
Double-Bitted Axe2500001false000000000000
Potion of Cavalier Health101001false
Potion of Sorcerous Spirit101001false
Potion of Restored Vivacity10501false
Beginner's Axe50011false000000000000
test spell1111true
Miner's Pick2500001false000000000000
Beginner's Pick50001false000000000000
Rare Substance1111true
Raspberry Orchid1111false000000000000
White Peony1111false0010200000002040
Wild Rose1111false0010200000002040
Wood Billet1011false0300000000000
Cream Freshwater Pearl102001false
Black Tahitian Pearl104001false
Gray Keshi Pearl101001false
White South Sea Pearl103001false
Pink Akoya Pearl105001false
Titanium Ore50000011true000000000000
Vermilion 50000011true000000000000
Green Sunfish1011false000000000000
Oyster Shell1011false000000000000
Fish 250000011true000000000000
Fish 350000011true000000000000
Fish 450000011true000000000000
Potion 150000011true000000000000
Potion 250000011true000000000000
Silver Ore10401false000000000000
Gold Ore10801false000000000000
Copper Ore10101false000000000000
Gold Bar106001false000000000000
Silver Bar103001false000000000000
Copper Bar10751false000000000000
White Carnation1011false000000000000
Wild Rose1011false000000000000
Honey Agaric1111true
AOE Heal Test1000111true000000000000
AOE Attack1111true
Potion 550000111true000000000000
Necklace of Strength1111true550000000000
Fortune Cookie1001true
Pineapple Slice10001false
Molten Edge2250250050015true0000150200000000
Crippling Poison2250250050015true25250000000000
Vorpal Wand2250500050015true0000000020028000
Loaf of Bread1001false
Orb of Damnation2250250050015true0000000020030000
Knight's Helm2250250050015true004400082400824
Kepi of Survival2250250050015true001100110011
Vorpal Tunic2250250050015true00154500309500510
Nether Cloak2250250050015true00154500510003095
Blood Plate2250500050015true00309500000000
Saber of the Advocate2250250050015true801600000000000
Honey Nut Cookie1001false
Electrum Bar1111true
V'Drazzig Key1001true
Lustrous Dust1101true
Whittled Round1101true
Fish Oil1000false
Snake Carcass1101false
Bear Carcass1101true
Wolf Carcass1101false
Primate Carcass1101false
Hunter's Knife50001000020001false000000000000
Scorpion Sting1101false
Power Stone2250400080015true110011001100
Oven Mit2250400080015true001100110011
Undaunted Protector2250250050015true006300063000630
Valorous Protector2250250050015true0016550000001030
Valiant Protector2250250050015true0010300000001655
Harp of Hope2250250050015true00000000204000
Sound of Syrinx2250250050015true75750000000000
Power Chord2250250050015true00002525000000
Bone Tooth Necklace2250250050015true10100011001100
Durable Underwear2250250050015true001010001010001010
Broken Promise Ring2250250050015true535005350053500
Lucky Draw2250050015true0000125160000000
Luchador Mask500025000500020true00618001236001236
Viking Warguard500025000500020true005500550055
Executioner's Helm500025000500020true001400014000140
Crusader's Mask500025000500020true001050001010001010
Cursed Veil500025000500020true001010001010001050
Forest Shroud500024999500020true001010001050001010
Cerebrum Preserver500025000120true002525002525002525
Meaningful Life2500750075015true001100110011
Holy Chain2500750075015true151500151500151500
Dekkar's Coin25000300015true000000000000
Heavy Denim2500750075015true1545154500000000
Baggy Trousers2500750075015true0000154515450000
Wellish Treasure103501false
Tower Treasure109001false
Lonely Treasure107501false
Treasure of the Kair-Norax103751false
Garden Treasure103751false
Haunted Treasure106001false
Hell of a Treasure1015001false
Defender's Treasure104501false
Dragon's Mouth Treasure104501false
Treasure of V'Drazzig1015001false
Abyss Treasure1011false
Trizarhn's Treasure1010001false
Pyramid Treasure1011false
Crags Treasure1015001false
Spring Gown2500750075015true0000000015451545
Elitist Belt2500750075015true001515001515001515
Calindori Warhorn2500750075015true155000155000155000
Desolate Treasure1010001false
Alter Treasure1120001false
Head of Kair Norax1001true
Head of Cottontail1001false
Cursed Edge22505000100020true1152150000000000
Lamellar Armor22505000100020true002011000000000
Cartilage Necklet22505000100020true2560002560000000
Iron Gloves22505000100020true001525001525001525
Crossbow of Genoese22502500100020true0000100180000000
Blood of Norax22502500100020true001100110011
Beginner Sword1111true0010200000002040
Beginner Bow1111true
Beginner Armor1111true0010200000002040
Consigliere's Bag1001true
Lemon of Destruction250250011true0000200200000000
Filthy Sack1001false
Sparring Platemail5000001false001530001530001530
Apprentice's Vigor5000001false000000002713300
War Club5000001false75950000000000
Book of General Knowledge1111true
History of the Bog1111true
A Babylonian Tale1111true
How to Train a Henry1111true
Crendale & Dragonia: A Tale of Two Cities1111true
Rose of Tears2250400080015true152500152500152500
Doomed Coronet2250400080015true152500152500152500
Freddie Strides2250400080015true204000204000204000
Lucky Horse's Head25000350015true000000000000
Tome of Revival1050000false
Void Rune1101true
Food Cooldown1111true
Potion Cooldown1111true
Flask Cooldown1111true
SP Potion1111true
Bomb Cooldowns1111true
Grave Treasure1101true
Crimson Mantle500025000500025true002040002090002090
Hero's Guard500025000500025true0020110002040002040
Apollo's Reach500025000500025true0000140220000000
Hand of Steel500025000500025true1152550000000000
Champion's Fury5000050001true000011000000
Blood Rage1111true
Hammer of Frost1111true0010200000002040
God Armor1000111true001000010000001000010000001000010000
Popcorn of Death1000111true00102000200200002040
Explosive Chips1111true0010200000002040
God Projectile10001120true4000800010200000002040
Honey Pot Reward1111true
Spooky Ghost Projectile1111true00000000150080000
Snowball Freeze Projectile1111true001005005000000200
Crags Fire Projectile1111true100010000010001000001000100000
Hell Projectile1111true0010202500250000002040
Trizarhn Orb Projectile1111true00100400400000000
Air Projectile1111true0010200000002040
Slow Spear Projectile1111true0000400400000000
Snowball DMG Projectile1111false001005005000000200
God Weapon10000000000011true100000000001000000000000100000000001000000000000100000000001000000000000
Heroes Fish Projectile1111true000000000000
Heroes Spear Projectile1111true000000000000
Spear Effect1111true
Cave Dragon Projectile1111true
Halberd Projectile200111true000000000000
Spiro Projectile1111true100100001001000010010000
Spear Projectile50000011true000000000000
Flower Projectile50000011true000000000000
Knife Projectile50000011true000000000000
Arrow Projectile50000011true000000000000
Borf Throw50000011true000000000000
Player's Blood1011false
Iceball Projectile1111true500500005005000050050000
Unwell Treasure1101true
Raylan's Warning1000true
Mage AOE Pre-Effect1111false-10000-1000000-10000-1000000-10000-1000000
Slow Magic Projectile #12000111true000000000000
Darkcone Projectile1111true000000000000
Old Fifty Note10500000false
Darkcone Magic1111true000000000000
Guild Hall Expansion11100000001true
Old Two Fifty Note102500001false
Currency Note111000001true
Gorilla Femur1111true
Instant Death Projectile1111true0000100000100000000000
Helena's Flashlight500050000500025true002550002550002550
Prosperity Quill50000500025true000000000000
Mother's Silver Spoon50000500025true000000000000
Flammable Receptacle500050000500025true00001125250000
1.5 Volt Battery500050000500025true5555551015551015
Burial Pendant500050000500025true002575002575002575
Small Brute Bag1000false
Brute Bag1000false
Hero's Bag1000false
Learning Key1001false
Learning Hatchet10001false000000000000
Dragonian Armor2250500050015true107012010451401070120
Rusted Scale2250500050015true20601025000020601025
Agile Tunic2250500050015true20601025204525450000
Riveted Mail2250500050015true1555015154015350000
Forgotten Chestplate2250500050015true1555015154015350000
Babylonian Plate2250500050015true404012025251404040120
Mercury Garb2250500050015true00002045254520601025
Prince's Guard2250500050015true107552510505451075525
Corrupted Treasure1101true
Vorpal Treasure1101true
Cutthroat's Small Lockbox10015true
Cutthroat's Key3001false
Cutthroat's Lockbox10015true
Cutthroat's Large Lockbox10015true
Spiked Warclub500025000500025true1801800000000000
Hope's Grasp500050000500025true2052050000000000
Word of Ducks101000011false
Entrance Key1101true
A key nick has for no reason1111true
Big Larry's Key1101false
Syndicate Key #11111true
Syndicate Key #21111true
Syndicate Key #31111true
Syndicate Key #41111true
Syndicate Keys1111true
Titan's Guard5000100000100025true0020210002090002090
Paragon's Wrap5000100000100025true00201600020900020140
Villain's Plate5000100000100025true00201600020140002090
Villain's Charm1101true
Draconis Trade Note1101false
Sun Burst500025000500025true0000000025025000
Double Tap2250400080015true0000160160000000
Brutal Crossbow500050000500025true0000180180000000
Ranger's Edge500050000500025true0000190190000000
Bullet Hell1111true000055000000
Consty's Banhammer25001true694200000000000


A Year Retrospective: History of Mirage Online Classic

A Year Retrospective: History of Mirage Online Classic

It’s hard to believe our little free browser MMORPG, Mirage Online Classic, is a year old today, but looking back at the journey it’s crazy that we even made it to this point.  Given the timing, I thought now would be a good time to touch on the history of Mirage Online Classic, how we got here and what is in store in the future.  Don’t worry, I’ll include pictures.


The Origins

Consty developed the original Mirage Online in 2001 after playing a boatload of EverQuest, Ultima Online, Graal Online and a not as well known cult classic made by Justin Schumacher in 1999 called Odyssey Classic.  As you can see from the image below, using artwork from games like Final Fantasy was not as frowned upon as it is now.  Little did we know this game would take off and eventually become one of the most used open source engines of the first decade of 2000 spawning hundreds of new programmers.  Rest in peace Visual Basic 6.  We love you.

 Mirage Online 2001


Open Source

Mirage’s source was eventually released to public domain and transformed into several entities from Playerworlds to Konfuze to Elysium to Eclipse.  The site took on several names, but I will always remember it as the Touch of Death Forums.  Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of posts from aspiring programmers.  For a trip down memory lane, check out this Wayback Machine archive from March 10th, 2012.

Touch of Death Forums


Java Mirage

Around June of 2013, Consty began working on a java-based version of Mirage.  This is also when our two-person development team reconnected after a decade of life.  You’ll need to remember that when Mirage Online took place we were in high school and college so we had a lot of catching up.  The project was eventually scrapped for several reasons, but the groundwork for MOC was established in this reconnection.


HTML5 Mirage

Consty began working on developing the game in a more viable language, HTML5.  Initially, this was something to pass the time and was worked on casually.  Slow and steady has been the team’s motto.  “I have no interest in stopping and plan to make incremental improvements to it over time and get it up to snuff” is an actual email exchange quote and a great summary of how we got to the modern version.

First Mirage Online Classic Screenshot


Shifting Worlds 

With the engine becoming viable, a world was developed after purchasing some graphic assets.  The first continent was created and the engine started becoming more advanced.  As time went by, the decision was made that because so many games had a similar art style we needed to pivot to something else.  With the original world and art in public domain, we shifted to utilizing Odyssey Classic’s visual shell for our new engine.  In retrospect, we had come full circle to what inspired this journey 16 years prior.

Mirage Online Classic 2018    Mirage Online Classic 2019


Open Beta 

For the next two years, when we had free time we would work to advance the engine with a focus on making it playable on any computer capable of running a web browser.  Eventually, we opened up the world to a small group of players.  Inevitably, lots of bugs & exploits were found.  There were a few times where the time commitment to fixing things were overwhelming.  The game was shut down for several months in an attempt to improve security and prevent the same mistakes from happening again.  We also tested out adding the game to Facebook’s now cancelled embedded game section.

Mirage Online Classic on Facebook



We learned a lot during the Beta stage, but it is easy to remain in early access, alpha or beta status hell for eternity.  The band aid was ripped off on Dec 30th, 2020 we moved to full release.  The engine will always be in development mode with Mirage Online Classic as the original proof of concept.  Our labor of love was out there, for better or worse. 

As more players began finding the game, we were faced with new issues that every developer has to face, such a botting, racism, clones and review trolls.  Running a MMORPG in 2020 was different than back in 2001.   WoW, GW2, OSRS, and hundreds of other games changed the genre.  We had to balance modern gaming with our retro ambitions.  This is where the real development work started.  What was or wasn’t working?  With the help of the community, we have developed our own unique niche within the MMORPG space.

Mirage Online Classic 2021



We will continue to expand the capabilities of the Mirage browser engine for the foreseeable future because we are just as enthusiastic about the game as our players.  The support of the community has been overwhelmingly positive and passionate.  It has been encouraging that without any paid promotion our player totals continue to grow with our high concurrent player count being set in early December.  There is so much on our roadmap that we haven’t even scrapped the surface of yet.  As these new features develop, the History of Mirage Online Classic will continue to evolve.  Below are a few of the key aspects we would like to implement in the next year.


  • Friendly & Combat Pets
  • Ability Customization
  • In-Game Map & Leaderboard
  • Luck Skill
  • Disorientation
  • Treasure Chests
  • Prefix/Suffix Stats on Gear
  • 10+ New Quests
  • Enhanced Bank
  • Player Item Marketplace

Free Browser MMORPG Patch v2011 – Groundwork for Pets, NPC Focus & Bug Fixes

The Free Browser MMORPG – Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is a free browser MMORPG that requires no download to play.  The client is available on, Newgrounds, Steam, GameJolt & other platforms.  Level your character, explore a vast world, defeat quests, and slay monsters. Create guilds and loot treasure.  Chat with friends to become increasingly powerful in this free browser MMORPG!  The game is always in development because of the feedback provided by the community.  Mirage Online Classic, a free browser MMORPG, is the spiritual successor to Retrelon Games’s 2001 release, Mirage Online.


Browser MMORPG


Version 2011 Patch Notes
10/30/21 – Present

The main addition is Battle Royale mode, which we will continue to bug test and enhance over time.  We are continuing to implement and test pets.

  • Made it possible to have an items with unlimited uses.
  • Client autos log back into the game after a server reset.
  • Fixed bug with client sometimes not reconnecting on restart
  • NPCs will now aggro pets.
  • NPCs can now spawn in specific types of weather similar to day/night.
  • Snow has been added as a rotated weather option.
  • Environment script callbacks added to process special events based on day/night or specific weather conditions.
  • NPCs can now “focus” on their target to prevent target changing based on number of hits inflicted.
  • Increase number of available sprites for use by guilds and patreon supporters.
  • Resources no longer regenerate if a player is adjacent to them to prevent idle mining.
  • To limit unintended PVP avoidance, the ability to join a game and be promoted is limited to once per day.

Browser MMO Patch v2010 – Battle Royale Mode, Bug Fixes & Guild Enhancements

The Free Browser MMO – Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is a free browser MMO that requires no download to play.  The client is available on, Newgrounds, Steam, GameJolt & other platforms.  Level your character, explore a vast world, defeat quests, and slay monsters…  Create guilds, loot treasure, chat with friends to become increasingly powerful in this free browser MMO!  The game is always in development because of the feedback provided by the community.  Mirage Online Classic, a free browser MMO, is the spiritual successor to Retrelon Games’s 2001 release, Mirage Online.


Free Browser MMO


Version 2010 Patch Notes
9/20/21 – 10/30/21

  • Battle royale mode added into game. More to come on this.
  • Battle royale leaderboard added to webpage.
  • Improved attack area calculation for players and NPCs to compensate for latency.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in rarely walking one tile despite the player actually running.
  • Fixed bug that caused mobile players to get booted on more laggy connections.
  • Bug fixed that caused ranged shots to hit their target 1-2 tiles ahead of where it is visually.
  • Resolved bug that prevented shots from hitting a target standing on a directional block tile.
  • Added hardcore mode for battle royale which behaves like PvP having equipment drops.
  • Penalty drops in PvP will now select a random inventory item if no equipment is equipped.
  • Player shots no longer have a two tile hitbox so they are more accurate.
  • If a player engages in PvP and flees to suicide against an NPC, the attacker with the highest hits gets credit for the kill.
  • Players can no longer quit the game instantly when participating in a battle royale.
  • Players can now enter safe zones when participating in a battle royale and have less than 50% hp.
  • Fury no longer stacks shots when fired before having moved half a tile.
  • Player access to map editor now includes all tile types that don’t involve items/npcs/damage.
  • When a player dies their hit counters are now reset on all other players.
  • Soldier+ guild members can no longer enter any safe maps if they have less than 50% health.
  • A red bar will appear on the edge of the map when you approach it to warn you.
  • Battle royales now handled with hardcode with optional script events.
  • Pets maintained on map reset.

Free Online RPG Patch v2009 – Rebirth, Video Embed & Custom Sprite Hue

The Free Online RPG – Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is a free Online RPG that requires no download to play.  The client is available on, Newgrounds, Steam, GameJolt & other platforms.  Level your character, explore a vast world, defeat quests, and slay monsters…  Create guilds, loot treasure, chat with friends to become increasingly powerful in this free browser MMORPG!  The game is always in development because of the feedback provided by the community.  Mirage Online Classic, a free Online RPG, is the spiritual successor to Retrelon Games’s 2001 release, Mirage Online.


Browser MMORPG


Version 2011 Patch Notes
8/22/21 – 9/20/21

In Mirage Online Classic’s newest Online RPG update, we have improved projectiles, integrations & added custom sprite hues.  This feature is available to developers to allow for more variance when designing new items, monsters and effects.  Players can modify their sprite hue if they are Patreon supports.

  • Discord integration updated to v13.
  • Capability to script players being reborn as a new class.
  • Increased error handling for edge cases dealing with Google/Facebook/Discord integration.
  • Added YouTube and Twitch video embed support for popups.
  • Damage type for ranged weapons is now based on the projectile thrown rather than the equipped item slot.
  • Projectiles no longer pass through closed doors.
  • /hue # command added for patreon supporters to adjust sprite color (-360-360, but doesn’t affect black/white/grey colors)

Online Browser MMO Patch v2008 – Discord In-Game Chat Integration & Patreon Feature

The Free Browser MMORPG – Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is a Online Browser MMO that requires no download to play.  The client is available on, Newgrounds, Steam, GameJolt & other platforms.  Level your character, explore a vast world, defeat quests, and slay monsters… 

Create guilds, loot treasure, chat with friends to become increasingly powerful in this free browser MMORPG!  The game is always in development because of the feedback provided by the community.  Mirage Online Classic, an Online Browser MMO, is the spiritual successor to Retrelon Games’s 2001 release, Mirage Online.


Browser MMORPG


Version 2008 Patch Notes
7/12/21 – 8/22/21

In Mirage Online Classic’s newest Online Browser MMO update, we have added a new feature where in-game chat is posted within an a channel called #ingame-global.  Patreon supports have the ability to type in that channel, which transfers those Discord messages into in-game chat.  This is both a way to keep track of what goes while you’re away and also a small perk for helping support the development of this new engine & game.


  • Discord integration for global chat messages via #ingame-global channel.
  • Patreon supporters can send messages through #ingame-global and will appear in game.
  • Added additional script functions for accessing map properties.
  • Added ability to warp NPCs from one map to another.
  • Pet NPC type added that follows player on map and warps with its player.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes NPCs would remember a player after an extended period of time.
  • Fixed bug where a player could warp to a safe map despite being challenged in pvp.
  • Killer information now passed to script events when a player or npc is killed by another player or npc.
  • Made player/npc collision checks more efficient in both client and server.
  • Added offset x/y for map lights to give more flexibility with placement.
  • Added map item and inventory item amount abbreviations for items like gold.
  • Guilds now sorted alphabetically and members by rank.
  • Amount abbreviations now round down instead of up.
  • Send button replaced with Save to be more user friendly.
  • Added bad work filter by default.
  • Boss maps now do not include pet NPCs when opening doors.
  • Fixed warp back issue when PvPing in guild halls.
  • Added a visual skills window using a button from the stats menu.
  • Added uid to script executions and timers.
  • Fixed crash issue when Patreon REST API goes down.
  • Fixed double player bug.
  • Removed auto map linking as it caused more problems than it solved.
  • Migrated to a new database format to greatly increase query speed.
  • Game now horizontally scaled popularity.
  • Added inspection routine to identify maps with item spawn errors.
  • Popups now support parsing basic markdown and colors similar to chat.
  • Dungeon speedruns are now possible.

Browser MMORPG Major Patch v2007 – NPC vs. NPC, Bug Fixes, Guild Management, NPC Agro & Long/Short/Double Clicks

Browser MMORPG – Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is a free browser MMORPG that requires no download to play.  The client is available on, Newgrounds, Steam, GameJolt & other platforms.  Level your character, explore a vast world, defeat quests, and slay monsters…  Create guilds, loot treasure, chat with friends to become increasingly powerful in this free browser MMORPG!  The game is always in development because of the feedback provided by the community.  Mirage Online Classic, a free browser MMORPG, is the spiritual successor to Retrelon Games’s 2001 release, Mirage Online.


Browser MMORPG


Version 2017 Patch Notes
6/20/21 – 7/12/21

In Mirage Online Classic’s newest browser MMORPG update, we have added the functionality to allow for  NPC vs. NPC combat with player control. 


  • NPCs are now able to attack each other, which opens the possibility for pets.
  • Player attacks are now prioritized over NPC attacks.
  • Guild raiders are no longer safe on bind respawn tiles.
  • Players who are challenged in PvP can no longer enter safe maps.
  • Script functions added to support new NPC features.
  • Map shots no longer pass through closed doors.
  • Players under level 20 no longer have a PvP gear drop penalty.
  • Players can no longer accidentally sell equipped items at shops.
  • Recycle items renamed to sell items.
  • NPC forgetting agro now works as intended again.
  • Clicking tiles/targets now includes click counter and delay to allow more action possibilities.
  • Added script functions for getting map links.
  • Added leaderboards for alter quest and slaying skill.
  • Fixed trading bug.

Free MMORPG Patch v2006 – Trade Menu, Logout Delay, PVP Bug Fixes, Movement Speed & Music

Free MMORPG Version 2006 (5/9/21 – 6/20/21)

This free MMORPG patch update added 32 new music tracks to the game.  A focus on bug fixing and security was also a major part of this game patch.  We also cleaned up the user interface and added in extra scripting functions for us to continue expanding upon the online RPG game engine.

free mmorpg 

  • Added ability to change player names through scripting.
  • Player trading added to game on the menu bar below shop button.
  • Quit button moved back into settings to make room for the player trading button.
  • Quitting on a safe map is now instant. If you disconnect without quitting the cooldown still applies.
  • Monitor permissions have been reduced to allow player assignment.
  • Guild initiates are now attackable on red PvP maps.
  • Additional scripting functions added.
  • Bans updated when player account changes occur.
  • Player & NPC names drawn closer to the sprite.
  • Faster movement and run speed (back to how it was originally).
  • Founders can now modify the permissions of their guild hall doors by clicking on them when not in combat.
  • Significant jump in performance on lower end systems by reducing the number of canvas draws by 50% and doors opening no longer redraw the entire canvas.
  • Zalgo text no longer bleeds outside the normal font size.
  • Trade offers cleared on disconnect.
  • Spawning NPCs will now return to their spawn point if an NPC does not move when no target can be pursued.
  • Added direction option for markers and player text.
  • NPC movement & speed is scriptable.
  • Penalty drops due to PvP/GvG is now just one random item from player’s entire inventory (only dropable items).
  • Music added back into game! 32 tracks to replace the old ones.


Learn about the history of Mirage Online Classic
Play our free MMORPG, Mirage Online Classic!

Free MMO Major Patch v2005 – Guild vs. Guild Update, Guild Rank & PVP Gameplay

Free MMO Version 2005 (4/25/21 – 5/9/21)

This major free MMO patch update specifically focuses on Guild vs. Guild gameplay with additional structure to guild structure, which is a key element of the game outside of skilling, leveling & questing. 

free mmo

  • Player disconnect delay increased from 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Map morals now standardized on GvG (white), PvP (red), and Safe (blue).
  • Minimum guild members increased from 1 to 3.
  • “Member” guild rank renamed to “Soldier”.
  • Guild weekly upkeep dues increased from 2.5k to 5k gold. – Minimum level to create a guild increased from 10 to 20.
  • Minimum level to join a guild decreased from 10 to 5.
  • Minimum level to be promoted to a Soldier, Officer, or Founder increased from 10 to 20. 
  • Players must opt-in to guild promotions past initiate via new option in settings.
  • Players with a guild rank of soldier or higher are attackable by other guilds on white GvG maps.
  • Guilds now require at least one founder to be present as a safety mechanism.
  • Players can now join a guild or change guild rank only once per day.
  • Players with player killer status are no longer attackable on safe maps and retain flashing name until killed by a player.
  • Free MMO Patreon supporters retain their sprite when guild sprite changes occur.
  • Added two new leaderboards for sewer and filth donated.
  • A few new sprites added.
  • 1v1 PvP button removed as GvG is back and arenas are available for 1v1.
  • Quit button added which now requires 30 seconds of no movement and no combat to disconnect the game.
  • Closing the browser/disconnecting early will cause still enforce the 30 second delay.
  • Added script functions for permanent map texts.


Learn about the history of Mirage Online Classic
Play our free MMO, Mirage Online Classic!

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