Browser MMORPG Patch v2000 – Server Upgrade, Latency Improvements, Bug Fixes & Stat Cleanup

Version 2000 (12/27/20 – 1/15/21)

We have upgraded to a server with increased RAM to support the increasing player base.

  • Fixed NPC AI bug that didn’t pick target back up after player dying.
  • Added name color as global color for GMs.
  • Fixed bug related to deleting unused files.
  • Expanded max width/height from 90% to 100% to avoid scrollbars unless absolutely necessary.
  • Added /uptime command for players to see how long the server has been up for.
  • Added /load command (GMs only) to see server CPU/memory usage statistics.
  • Added option for map text to scroll in different directions or not scroll at all.
  • Added block and ranged block attributes to trap tiles.
  • Added member rank to guilds. Initiates now do not have access to the guild halls, but members do.
  • Simplified stats menu to make it less cluttered.
  • Added scripting option to show new windows, such as forcing the shop menu to appear.
  • Updated items to drop when PK occurs in non-allied guilds.
  • Like item names are now combined when displayed on the map.
  • The server will now restart if a crash occurs within 5 minutes.
  • Added scripting functions to get player language and latency.
  • Mobile joystick is now disabled by default for new accounts. Can be toggled in settings.
  • Hover over inventory description popups have been added. Mobile remains the same as before.
  • Multi-core processing for item/NPC spawn, NPC AI, ranged shots & vitals regen has been enabled.
  • Added script function to get variables from timers externally.
  • Added script function to get next timer runtime.
  • Added setting for enabling chat timestamps.
  • Implemented item cooldowns.
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