Free-to-Play 2D MMO – Mirage Online Classic – Browser MMORPG

Mirage Online Classic is a free-to-play 2D browser MMORPG with 6 classes.  There are over 10 skills, 15+ dungeons and hundreds of items, monsters and areas to explore.  MOC is optimized to perform efficiently on any computer with a web brower.  

Retrelon Games created the original popular 2D MMORPG, Mirage Online, in 2001.  In the two decades since it’s release, a great community and many fan projects have been developed after going open source.  Consty began casually working on the browser MMORPG project using HTML5 and a blank canvas in his spare time in the summer of 2017.   After reconnecting with his old teammate, Consty and Rich began developing the early alpha experience of Mirage Online Classic as an HTML5 experiment that evolved into a complex new browser MMORPG engine.  

Download options available for PC (via Steam) and for tablet / mobile device (Android or iOS).

For patch information, visit the Development Log or Join Discord to learn about daily minor updates!

Paladin & Cleric


Paladin [Tank] & Cleric [Healer]

Assassin & Barbarian


Assassin [Agile] & Barbarian [Brute]

Mage & Ranger


Mage [Magic] & Ranger [Range]

Browser MMORPG Patch v2006 – Trade Menu, Logout Delay, PVP Bug Fixes, Movement Speed

Version 2006 (5/9/21 – Present) Added ability to change player names through scripting. Player trading added to game on the menu bar below shop button. Quit button moved back into settings to make room for the player trading button. Quitting on a safe map is now instant. If you disconnect without quitting the cooldown still […]

Browser MMORPG Major Patch v2005 – Guild vs. Guild Update, Guild Rank & PVP Gameplay

Version 2005 (4/25/21 – 5/9/21) Player disconnect delay increased from 5 to 10 seconds. Map morals now standardized on GvG (white), PvP (red), and Safe (blue). Minimum guild members increased from 1 to 3. “Member” guild rank renamed to “Soldier”. Guild weekly upkeep dues increased from 2.5k to 5k gold. – Minimum level to create […]

Browser MMORPG Major Patch v2004 – Map Size Increased to 16×12, Projectile Slot Removed, Layout Update & Bug Fixes

Version 2004 (3/13/21 – 4/25/21) Map size expanded to 16×12 which will include a large black bar temporarily as we remap. Inventory size reduced by 4 to make room for larger map. Ranged equipment slot removed, weapon slot now works with melee/ranged items. Overflow items are moved to free inventory slots or to account bank. […]

Browser MMORPG Patch v2003 – Item Cooldowns, Speed, Effects & Scripting

Version 2003 (2/25/21 – 3/13/21) Experience gained in excess of amount needed to level now spill into next level. Added script functions to manipulate item use cooldowns. Movement speed per tile increased by 50ms to provide more precise control. Applies to NPCs as well. Added movable effect animations from players/npcs to tiles and tiles to […]

Browser MMORPG Patch v2002 – Bug Fixes & Blinky Name Customization

Version 2002 (2/6/21 – 2/25/21) Resolved issue with projectiles hitting players on safe maps. Resolved issue with going into combat when using skills. Added support for customized blinky name colors through scripting. Bombs/traps implemented as an alternative to ranged weapons. There is now a 5s delay on players leaving after disconnection. Map text is now […]

Browser MMORPG Patch v2001 – Drag & Drop Inventory, Gamepad Support, Guild Permissions & Avoid Agro Tiles

Version 2001 (1/15/21 – Present) Added additional server error handling to reduce impact of crashes. Added remapping support for gamepads. Basic inventory drag-and-drop support added. Modified guild permissions so officers can promote initiates to members. Added an NPC avoid aggro tile type which if a player is on will now draw initial aggro even if […]

Browser MMORPG Patch v2000 – Server Upgrade, Latency Improvements, Bug Fixes & Stat Cleanup

Version 2000 (12/27/20 – 1/15/21) We have upgraded to a server with increased RAM to support the increasing player base. Fixed NPC AI bug that didn’t pick target back up after player dying. Added name color as global color for GMs. Fixed bug related to deleting unused files. Expanded max width/height from 90% to 100% […]

Browser MMORPG Patch v1999 – Show Names, Lighting, Projectile Improvement, NPC Flags, Guild Level/XP & Bug Fixes

Version 1999 (10/10/20 – 12/27/20) Google reCAPTCHA implemented for account requests/logins/modifications and recovery. Added an option in settings to always show NPC and item names on the map. Defaults to on for new accounts. Added a self light so in dark areas players can easily still see their own surrounding. When the show names option […]