MMO Browser Games Patch v2003 – Item Cooldowns, Speed, Effects & Scripting

MMO Browser Games Version 2003 (2/25/21 – 3/13/21)


In this game update, we addressed issued with experience being lost after a level-up where the remainder was not being applied after the increased level value.  Also worked on stabilizing movement speed.


mmo browser games

  • Experience gained in excess of amount needed to level now spill into next MMO browser games level.
  • Added script functions to manipulate item use cooldowns.
  • Movement speed per tile increased by 50ms to provide more precise control. Applies to NPCs as well.
  • Added movable effect animations from players/npcs to tiles and tiles to players/npcs.
  • Added scripting option to slow players so they cannot run.
  • Added scripting option to calculate viable path from one tile to another.
  • Chat channel buttons are now hidden if ignore chat channels is enabled in settings.
  • Bug fix with script functions dealing with NPC movement.
  • Removed international chat channel from client and server.
  • Fixed mobile client in bug that prevented tap movement.



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