New Player Guide

In addition to this brief guide, we highly recommend the player-made Wiki found here.


I. Basics

Mirage Online Classic is a land of adventure, magic, war, and history. There are many things to do in MOC; you can visit the great city of Dragonia, attempt to unravel the mysteries of V’Drazzig, explore the wooded village of Alephvale, or battle for guild supremacy on the outskirts of Crendale . You may hunt down fish in the local rivers, craft recipes through elaborate patterns, or seek powerful spells to enhance your character.


Whatever you choose to do, you will find Mirage Online Classic as an exciting and dangerous place, full of reward for those who seek it. This guide will help you with the basics of the game.


The tutorial you will proceed through after entering the game will explain the basics of playing the game, such as movement, attacking, equipping, quests, and spellcasting.


II. Character Creation

Whether you want to be a powerful Mage, noble Paladin, or feared Assassin, you will take your first steps at the character creation screen. Each profession has it’s own unique starting stat distribution, roles and available spells.  Choose which class (or classes) suit you and your play style best.

Character Creation
Character Creation

Learn more about our 6 unique classes here.


III. City Life

For much of your travels, you will be using a city as your base of operations. There is plenty to do in a city; repair or upgrade your equipment, stock up on supplies, visit an inn or tavern, and much else.

City Life
City Life

Banks are perhaps the most essential establishment you can visit within a city. In them, you have additional storage for items you would like to save for a later time.  Additionally, you can sell gems obtained throughout the world for currency to use at the local shops.


Blacksmiths can be found in plenty of locations, willing to sell or recycle equipment, as well as to repair any damaged goods you may have. Keep your gear in good condition! If a piece of equipment’s durability falls too low, it can break! However, some equipment can not be repaired, but don’t let a broken piece of equipment lead to your demise.


There are a variety of other shops to be found, some which fit under no particular category. Keeps your eyes peeled! Some shopkeepers offer interesting or unique merchandise.


IV. Combat

Combat is very different than many conventional online RPGs, being more action and movement oriented. To attack, simply press the Ctrl or Spacebar key, and you will attempt to hit whatever target is in front of you. However, plenty of more powerful monsters will require strategy to defeat, such as hitting and running. If your health dwindles too low, don’t be afraid to run away to recover before attacking again.  Also there is an interact key, which is default Q.  When targeting yourself, other players or NPCs, depending on your class, hitting Q will perform class specific abilities.


Not all monsters are the same; some are highly magic or melee resistant, some may be very high is health, others can throw projectiles or cast spells. Learning your enemy can go a long way in helping you defeat it with minimal risk. For instance, bring a healing spell, or a friend to defeat a monster who may be too difficult to be alone.


Death in Mirage Online Classic does not result in experience loss when killed by an NPC.  If killed in PVP combat, you will drop equipped items, as well as some of your inventory.


V. Player vs. Player

A very significant aspect of Mirage Online Classic is its player versus player combat. Player versus player, or PvP, takes place primarily in guild wars, however non-guilded players can also murder and be murdered in certain areas.


To know the safety of your location, you can look at the color of your current map name. There are three types of maps:


Blue ‘Safe’ maps are completely safe; no player can attack or be attacked by any other player, under any circumstance. 

White ‘GvG’ maps allow only for guilded warfare. Any guilded player may attack any other guilded player. Unguilded players remain completely safe, and may not attack any player.

Red ‘PVP’ maps are free for all; any player may attack any other player.

Yellow ‘Arena’ maps are no drop arena; any player may attack any other player, but death will .