WebBrowser MMO Major Patch v2004 – Map Size Increased to 16×12, Projectile Slot Removed, Layout Update & Bug Fixes

WebBrowser MMO Version 2004 (3/13/21 – 4/25/21)


webbrowser mmo


  • Webbrowser MMO Map size expanded to 16×12 which will include a large black bar temporarily as we remap.
  • Inventory size reduced by 4 to make room for larger map.
  • Ranged equipment slot removed, weapon slot now works with melee/ranged items.
  • Overflow items move to free inventory slots or to account bank.
  • Added split feature in map editor to shift map a desired amount from a starting column/row.
  • Inventory/chat sections reduced in size to fit larger game map.
  • Melee combat revamped slightly to check two tiles if players are moving and also reset attack delay in the event you hit nothing to require more skill in PvP.
  • 16:10 displays handle like 4:3 displays by reducing the game size slightly to make room for inventory/chat.
  • Re-enabled weather effects now that they support increased map size.
  • Weapons and ranged weapons are now categorized by the primary type of damage they deal. Magical ranged weapons are now a thing.
  • Assassins can now backstab NPCs solo. NPCs will no longer auto face target when invisible.
  • Major bug fix on NPC pathing around directional block tiles. They actually do it properly now.
  • Your own player is now always drawn on top and will always be selected when player stacking occurs on the same tile.


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