Free MMORPG Patch v2006 – Trade Menu, Logout Delay, PVP Bug Fixes, Movement Speed & Music

Free MMORPG Version 2006 (5/9/21 – 6/20/21)

This free MMORPG patch update added 32 new music tracks to the game.  A focus on bug fixing and security was also a major part of this game patch.  We also cleaned up the user interface and added in extra scripting functions for us to continue expanding upon the online RPG game engine.

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  • Added ability to change player names through scripting.
  • Player trading added to game on the menu bar below shop button.
  • Quit button moved back into settings to make room for the player trading button.
  • Quitting on a safe map is now instant. If you disconnect without quitting the cooldown still applies.
  • Monitor permissions have been reduced to allow player assignment.
  • Guild initiates are now attackable on red PvP maps.
  • Additional scripting functions added.
  • Bans updated when player account changes occur.
  • Player & NPC names drawn closer to the sprite.
  • Faster movement and run speed (back to how it was originally).
  • Founders can now modify the permissions of their guild hall doors by clicking on them when not in combat.
  • Significant jump in performance on lower end systems by reducing the number of canvas draws by 50% and doors opening no longer redraw the entire canvas.
  • Zalgo text no longer bleeds outside the normal font size.
  • Trade offers cleared on disconnect.
  • Spawning NPCs will now return to their spawn point if an NPC does not move when no target can be pursued.
  • Added direction option for markers and player text.
  • NPC movement & speed is scriptable.
  • Penalty drops due to PvP/GvG is now just one random item from player’s entire inventory (only dropable items).
  • Music added back into game! 32 tracks to replace the old ones.


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