Developer Log

Browser MMORPG Patch v1998 – Out of Beta, Duels, PVP & Bug Fixes

Version 1998 (9/20/20 – 10/10/20)

  • MOC is now in release status–no longer in beta! No account wipe, but we are resetting the PvP leaderboard.
  • Map morality has been significantly changed.
    • Maps are either White=Sanctioned PvP
    • Red=Unsanctioned PvP
    • Blue=Safe (no PvP).
  • To PvP on safe or sanctioned maps requires players to target and challenge each other using the new PvP button. When a challenge starts, it’s to the death. When either player dies, the challenge ends. If a challenge isn’t accepted after 5 minutes, it expires.
  • To GvG on sanctioned maps requires both guilds to declare war against each other. Once a member removes the declaration, combat on sanctioned maps is no longer possible.
  • Buying a guildhall no longer adds upkeep costs until the next cycle.
  • Withdrawing items from the bank now default to the maximum possible value to remove with respect to inventory limits.
  • The minimum level to start a guild increased from 5 to 10.
  • Stats are displayed in their own window rather than in the sidebar where it would get cut off at some display resolutions.
  • Quests are displayed in their own window rather than in the sidebar. It will select the quest you are currently on.
  • When two guilds declare a mutual war/alliance with each other, their names will appear bright red or green respectfully. If there is a mismatch, the name will blink with the same color and also dark grey to show that the declaration is one-sided.
  • Swarm and guard NPC behaviors no longer keep aggro after killing a player.
  • Minimum guild members reduced from 3 to 1. You can now have single-player guilds.
  • There is now an option to disable the virtual joystick which will allow you to just touch buttons to move without having to drag the joystick.

Browser MMORPG Patch v1997 – Recycling, Experience & Visual Updates

Version 1997 (9/6/20 – 9/19/20)

  • Players no longer lose experience when killed by other players.
  • Items now have the ability to have a custom recycle value. All recycle values default to 1g but will be updated soon.
  • Creating/joining a guild now shows a warning that a gameplay shift from PvE to PvP will take place.
  • Reduced the visible size of inventory slots to better fit 16:10 displays.
  • Added repair cost, recycle value, and whether droppable on death to item description popup
  • Added two decimal precision to skill level progress percent

Browser MMORPG Patch v1996 – Traps, Snares, Projectile Lag Resolved & Bug Fixes

Version 1996 (8/14/20 – 9/6/20)

  • Tile traps added that can fire projectiles at players.
  • Removed chat channel characters. You no longer need to use ‘ or ! to do global/guild.
  • The international channel is now its own global channel for any language. Check it to talk with people using different languages.
  • Map shots are now moved from the client side but modeled on the server-side significantly reducing lag.
  • Map shots no longer stop flying when they hit something due to a previous change. They will only hit once though.
  • Removed cookies from the client, we no longer use cookies at all.
  • Added unique namespaces for all scripts tied to the player index, prevents one player’s script from clobbering another.
  • Ping command added to test your latency, type /ping to see. Value updates automatically every 30 seconds.
  • All skill levels are now visible from the stats menu on mobile clients.
  • Restriction on the number of resource/door tiles, and projectiles have been removed.
  • NPC option added to allow tweaking vitals regeneration.
  • Inventory quick select slot implemented for mobile clients and players using a gamepad. Use L2/R2 to navigate slots and B to use selected slot if on a gamepad.
  • Fixed dying again after becoming a ghost with ranged weapons.
  • Improved portrait mode in the mobile client so that text is a better size for socializing.
  • Players and NPCs now have the ability to be snared (so that you cannot move). This will be integrated into gameplay probably through class abilities.

Browser MMORPG Patch v1995 – Joystick Support, Skills & Resource System, International Chat Channel & Bug Fixes

Version 1995 (8/3/20 – 8/13/20)

  • Items now have a scale that can be applied to them.
  • Ranged weapon shots now have a scale that can be applied to them.
  • Added skill and resource editors to implement skills in MOC.
  • Added international chat channel where you can chat internationally. Works just like global, but allows all languages, not just your local language.
  • Locked down guild names and acronyms. If you need to make a last-minute change, let a GM know.
  • When a guild disbands, all declarations are erased from other guilds.
  • When a guild is created, both the name and acronym are requested.
  • New item images added.
  • New chat notifications now blink instead of showing a different color.
  • New script events for a minute, hour, and day timers.
  • Improved security for popups to prevent abuse.
  • The bug regarding the gold requirement for new guild members has been fixed.
  • Added script function for calculating needed xp to level skill.
  • Implemented an analog movement stick for mobile touch screens and improved responsiveness.
  • The server shutdown grace period is now configurable to give players more advanced warning.
  • Removed all heap allocations from the graphics engine to virtually eliminate occasional jerkiness seen with sprite movement.
  • Removed diagonal directions from mobile controls because they often led to an unintended movement.
  • Improved joystick responsiveness and resolved stuck joystick issue when using multi-touch.
  • Improved font sizing in portrait (chat mode) for mobile devices.
  • Added chat channel selection to chat mode for mobile devices.

Browser MMORPG Patch v1994 – Healing/Damage Over Time Functionality, Bug Fixes, Mobile Client Update

Version 1994 (7/12/20 – 8/1/20)

  • Fixed issue with not being able to move after transitioning maps during combat
  • Fixed seemingly random disconnect bug that occurred when players were editing their guilds
  • Players now leave blood splatter when they die
  • Minimum PK level is now 5 instead of 1 to provide a small amount of protection for new players
  • Minimum ghost level is now level 1 and the message shows in general chat when death occurs
  • Script functions used to check if player is attackable now include level check
  • Snow weather has been much improved. Triangle snowflakes are out.
  • Running script timers now supports multiple iterations.
  • Vitals/stat buffs are now supported in the scripting language.
  • Removed empty inventory slots from trade, repair, recycle, and bank menus. Much easier to navigate.
  • Support for vitals over maximums in rare circumstances where that might be desired.
  • Map effects are now drawn under fringe layer.
  • Attack button on mobile client is no longer a toggle button and is now touch sensitive.
    • Press down to attack, release to stop.
  • Added the ability to change your account email address which will require you to re-validate.
  • Added the ability to disband guilds. If all founders are removed, the guild is disbanded.
  • Added a fee of 1000 gold to accept a guild invitation.
  • Made chat channels independent of each other. Click the desired channel to automatically chat in it.
    • Normal characters ‘/! still function normally but are no longer required.
  • Shutting the server down now gives players a 10 second notification before the shutdown occurs.

Browser MMORPG Patch v1993 – Controller Support, International Chat Filter, Mobile App Chat, Targeting, NPC AI & Menus

Version 1993 (7/12/20)

  • Added auto region/language filter to global chat. Can be disabled in settings to see global messages from all languages
  • Portrait mode in mobile now puts you in chat box mode for easier chat communication.
  • Added a notification when in portrait mode on mobile that you need to be in landscape mode to play game.
  • Added guild alliance check to isAttackable script routines
  • Fixed a resize bug in map editor with recent changes
  • Removed the mobile instructions from login, it was bulky and not really needed any longer
  • Implemented auto target removal on players if not on the same map with the target and you fall out of combat
  • Sprite, name, color, or scale updates no longer force a position update, so those changes are now smooth (like going invis or turning into a boat)
  • Assassins/ninjas can now see themselves when they are invisible and look like a ghost, movement is super smooth now
  • Script editor now has horizontal scroll bar, so scripts no longer need to wrap text which look ugly and difficult to maintain
  • Removed unequip messages
  • Made is so monsters that spawn but not part of the map despawn when the map is unloaded (5 minutes of no players on the map)
  • Fixed bug that caused blocking with other players when they attacked an npc, no longer the case
  • Changed NPC AI to allow walking through players to reach its target
  • Changed NPC AI to randomly face towards target primarily useful for NPCs firing ranged attacks
  • Resolved issue with browser caching and removed revision numbers from art assets
  • Made attack checks against NPCs first then players which is especially useful when many players are doing quests at the same time
  • Ranged attacks no longer perform a collision check to fire, which resolves an issue receiving “nothing to attack here” when you should be able to fire ranged
  • Full xinput/dinput gamepad support. Use your Microsoft or Sony controllers to play MOC! Button mappings are fixed at the moment, but a remap option may be implemented in the future.
    • xinput Buttons: Use digital or analog to move, A=Attack, X=Toggle run, Y=Pickup, L=Target self, R=Cycle target, L2=Run
    • dinput Buttons: Use digital or analog to move, X=Attack, Square=Toggle run, Triangle=Pickup, L=Target self, R=Cycle target, L2=Run
  • Fixed NPC pathing for swarm/guard behavior types
  • Made all drawn text and target ignore map darkness so you can more easily see what you’re doing/what you’re attacking
  • Targeting switched from an ellipse to a square due to previous change, but more easily seen on smaller mobile devices
  • Player selection, guild, and hall menus have been revamped to remove empty gaps–looks much cleaner now
  • Player creation menu has been expanded to handle more description text

Browser MMORPG Patch v1992 – Targeting, Recycling & Bug Fixes

Version 1992 (6/27/20)

  • Added targeting back into the game. You can click to target or use keys
  • Bug fix for script is attack-able check for pk players
  • Added quit button in game to allow you to get back to login screen quickly without needed to reload
  • Added rebind keys for self target or cycle targets (default is pressing 1 to target self and tab to cycle targets)
  • Targeting keeping target on an invisible player is no longer possible.
  • You can now recycle any item in the game provide it has a recycle value associated with it.
  • Shops can now sell 20 items. (Up from 10)
  • Fixed a random movement bug caused by the final character written in a chat message.
  • Fixed bug where projectiles would go through players and NPCs

Browser MMORPG Patch v1991 – Mobile Client Updates, NPC Pathfinding & Bug Fixes

Version 1991 (6/18/20)

  • Bug disallowing you to pickup items if more than the inventory limit was dropped on the ground has been resolved
  • Flip game screen is now a feature in settings
  • All window buttons have been revamped to look nicer and support multi rows primarily for popups
  • Negative values for all stat items or vitals for potions is now supported
  • In combat notification now only shows up when you hit something or something hits you
  • NPC pathfinding now includes directional block tiles; bad pathing should be less of an issue
  • Fixed a bug where map float and chat text calls used the same call function resulting in map float text to disappear prematurely.
  • ‘Swarm’ type NPCs no longer have their warmup timer reset on target change.
  • Popups caused by attacking or killing NPCs no longer cause you to auto-attack
  • Item level requirement now displayed on item description window

Browser MMORPG Patch v1989-1990, Tower of V’Drazzig & Future Releases

Closed Beta Update & Tower of V’Drazzig Release

It has been two weeks since Closed Beta testing has begun.  We’ve made great strides in correcting several bugs within the base game engine and are progressing towards additional content and feature releases.  The first of many will be the long awaited re-imagining of the dungeon, Tower of V’Drazzig. 

We are currently developing a buff & poison system.  Also at this stage of development, understanding where to go to do your next dungeon is difficult to figure out.  A central system location is being developed to guide players to their next dungeon, mission or task.  Additional quests will be released in June, including “Crypt” & “Heroes”.  Lastly, we are testing integrations of the client into several potential partner websites as a distribution method once we go into Open Beta, which will also open up Normal (non-Hardcore) classes.

If you would like to sign-up for Closed Beta Testing, click here.


Version 1989 (5/31 – 6/3)

  • Reduced level requirement for creating/joining a guild to level 5.
  • Guilds require a minimum of three members to keep guild and/or hall.
  • If a guild doesn’t pay upkeep or have minimum members, it goes into delinquent status.
  • Guilds have three days to get out of delinquent status (pay upkeep or ensure minimum membership).
  • If a guild is in delinquent status, the guild is sent a notification every hour.
  • Upon paying the balance and minimum membership, delinquent status will be removed.
  • Item limits now shown in popup description.
  • Item profession restrictions now shown in popup description.
  • Ability to change equipped gear without max vitals.
  • Level to turn into a ghost reduced from level 10 to level 5.
  • Account recovery and changing account password are now functioning properly.
  • Minor change to how often NPC movement checks occur.


Version 1990 (6/3 – 6/12)
  • Players can now walk through other players until hitting or being hit by a player.  
  • Blocking always occurs within guild halls.
  • New perimeter added to npcAttack, attackPlayer and attackNPC functions for damage type durability.
  • Character slots per account increased from 3 to 8.
  • Bank slots increased from 30 to 90.
  • New script function “Popup” for in-game dialogue and choice selection.
  • Directional walls no longer allow NPCs to melee attack through.
  • Directional walls now have the ability to block projectiles.
  • Hall editor now visible to players from the guild menu and shows ownership details.
  • Durability items now show yellow at 25% durability and red at 10% rather than fixed numbers.
  • You can now press escape or enter while in chat to immediately go back to game.
  • To prevent accidental submissions, a delay was been added for responses to popup boxes.
  • Ability to buy any hall regardless of your location as long as it is vacant.

Browser MMORPG Closed Beta Begins May 29nd

With 3 months of development, the MOC team is excited to begin Closed Beta testing on May 29th.  The duration of this test will solely depend on the amount of bugs found after opening up the revamped system within a live environment.  Hardcore classes will be the only classes available to prevent a significant level advantage for testers once the server moves to Open Beta.

So, what’s changed?  Almost every part of the engine since early-February has been enhanced and re-imagined for scale.  The scripting engine has been improved to provide new encounter experiences that were impossible prior to Phase 2.  Four quests (Down in the Well, Hidden Lair of the Kair-Norax, Garden of the Wanderer & Into the Haunted House) will be available at launch to assure for quality control, but will have a set release calendar.  

There is still time to sign up for Closed Beta Testing by filling out an application, which also requires you to join our Discord to centralize bug reporting. 

Here is what you can expect upon logging in:


Mirage Closed Beta Starts Tomorrow


What to expect on Day 1 of Closed Beta

  • 8 total classes
    • 4 standard gameplay classes
      • Knight, Mage, Cleric & Assassin
    • 4 hardcore gameplay classes
      • Barbarian, Wizard, Paladin & Ninja
        • Share abilities of standard counterparts with 10% stat bonuses and level reset on PvE death
  • Randomized treasure rewards 
    • Variation of values, item slots & stats
  • Spell item slot removed; Integrated into classes and impacted by gear
    • Knight/Barbarian
      • Passive:  Higher base health & non-magic defense
      • On-click:  Immune to all damage for next two attacks
      • Weakness:  Lower magic defense and range damage
    • Mage/Wizard
      • Passive:  Higher magic defense & range damage
      • On-click:  Magic damage based on gear
      • Weakness:  Lower non-magic defense and health
    • Cleric/Paladin
      • Passive:  Higher magic defense & range damage
      • On-click:  Healing based on gear & ability to resurrect slain players
      • Weakness:  Lower non-magic defense and health
    • Assassin/Ninja
      • Passive:  Regain health upon killing an enemy
      • Passive:  Higher melee/range attacks
      • On-click:  Invisibility
      • Weakness:  Non-range defense
  • New item slot:  Accessory
  • New NPC types with name indicators
    • Range NPC (➼)
    • Magic NPC w/ cooldowns (⛤)
    • Healing NPCs w/ cooldowns (✟)
    • Boss NPCs (☠)
  • Reconfigurable keyboard controls
    • Movement, attack, run, pickup and chat
  • Ability to choose your respawn location after death
    • Guild hall, inn or various preset locations
  • Guilds and hall commands moved to the visual guild window accessible in the user interface
    • Create guild, send/accept invite, remove/promote/war/alliance
    • Buy hall, guild sprite & add funds to guild balance
  • Players in guilds now display 3 letter acronym in front of their displayed name
  • New weather effects
    • Fog & Snow
  • Defense and damage now separated by physical, range & magical
    • Any combination can be applied to any item
  • In-combat notification in lower right corner of game play window
  • Ability to change glow color of lighting effects
  • 500+ new sprite, tile & item artwork
  • Revamp of the towns, quests, mobs, items & leveling philosophy
    • No level cap; soft cap through exponential experience needed per level
  • Skills & recipes removed for quality control; will return after future engine development 
  • New admin rank:  community managers
    • Manage chat and in-game events
  • Stats gained from leveling static and unique per class
  • Massive expansion of scripting language & engine restructured
    • 300+ functions & 70+ call events
  • Accounts now require email verification
  • Improved mobile experience on the browser client
    • Several layout and gameplay bugs resolved
  • Inventory limit set for every item in the game
    • 250,000 gold; 5 per unique gear item; other restrictions to be determined in testing
  • Enhanced security system developed
    • Action log & internal alert system
  • Consistent updates as systems are tested
  • A great deal more… seriously… so many small improvements that individually are underwhelming but as a whole are monstrous.





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