Browser MMORPG Patch v1998 – Out of Beta, Duels, PVP & Bug Fixes

Version 1998 (9/20/20 – 10/10/20)

  • MOC is now in release status–no longer in beta! No account wipe, but we are resetting the PvP leaderboard.
  • Map morality has been significantly changed.
    • Maps are either White=Sanctioned PvP
    • Red=Unsanctioned PvP
    • Blue=Safe (no PvP).
  • To PvP on safe or sanctioned maps requires players to target and challenge each other using the new PvP button. When a challenge starts, it’s to the death. When either player dies, the challenge ends. If a challenge isn’t accepted after 5 minutes, it expires.
  • To GvG on sanctioned maps requires both guilds to declare war against each other. Once a member removes the declaration, combat on sanctioned maps is no longer possible.
  • Buying a guildhall no longer adds upkeep costs until the next cycle.
  • Withdrawing items from the bank now default to the maximum possible value to remove with respect to inventory limits.
  • The minimum level to start a guild increased from 5 to 10.
  • Stats are displayed in their own window rather than in the sidebar where it would get cut off at some display resolutions.
  • Quests are displayed in their own window rather than in the sidebar. It will select the quest you are currently on.
  • When two guilds declare a mutual war/alliance with each other, their names will appear bright red or green respectfully. If there is a mismatch, the name will blink with the same color and also dark grey to show that the declaration is one-sided.
  • Swarm and guard NPC behaviors no longer keep aggro after killing a player.
  • Minimum guild members reduced from 3 to 1. You can now have single-player guilds.
  • There is now an option to disable the virtual joystick which will allow you to just touch buttons to move without having to drag the joystick.
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