Browser MMORPG Patch v1999 – Show Names, Lighting, Projectile Improvement, NPC Flags, Guild Level/XP & Bug Fixes

Version 1999 (10/10/20 – 12/27/20)

  • Google reCAPTCHA implemented for account requests/logins/modifications and recovery.
  • Added an option in settings to always show NPC and item names on the map. Defaults to on for new accounts.
  • Added a self light so in dark areas players can easily still see their own surrounding.
  • When the show names option is enabled, the active item(s) you are hovering over will draw on top of everything else which is especially useful in guild halls with many items stacked next to each other.
  • Ranged weapons now have passthrough damage, meaning if two targets are in line of the projectile, both get hit.
  • Added /played command to show how much time has been played on the current player.
  • Added scared flag for NPCs to control fleeing through scripting.
  • Added patreon and discord links within the game for convenient access.
  • Added guild levels/xp for future scripting use and guild tiers.
  • Added ignore chat channels option to restore original chat style where all chat shows in the same channel and you use a specific character to do global/group/international.
  • Increased size of touch interface movement buttons.
  • Lights are now ellipses instead of circles to provide more flexibility.
  • Map item limit increased from 200 to 500.
  • Updated stats menu to include base/bonus/total vitals/stats.
  • Updated new player menu to include vitals/stats gain per level.
  • Split out show names setting with one for NPCs and one for items. Defaults to on for NPCs and off for items.
  • Made editors now scroll if not enough vertical screen space is available (for GMs only).
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