Browser MMORPG Patch v1996 – Traps, Snares, Projectile Lag Resolved & Bug Fixes

Version 1996 (8/14/20 – 9/6/20)

  • Tile traps added that can fire projectiles at players.
  • Removed chat channel characters. You no longer need to use ‘ or ! to do global/guild.
  • The international channel is now its own global channel for any language. Check it to talk with people using different languages.
  • Map shots are now moved from the client side but modeled on the server-side significantly reducing lag.
  • Map shots no longer stop flying when they hit something due to a previous change. They will only hit once though.
  • Removed cookies from the client, we no longer use cookies at all.
  • Added unique namespaces for all scripts tied to the player index, prevents one player’s script from clobbering another.
  • Ping command added to test your latency, type /ping to see. Value updates automatically every 30 seconds.
  • All skill levels are now visible from the stats menu on mobile clients.
  • Restriction on the number of resource/door tiles, and projectiles have been removed.
  • NPC option added to allow tweaking vitals regeneration.
  • Inventory quick select slot implemented for mobile clients and players using a gamepad. Use L2/R2 to navigate slots and B to use selected slot if on a gamepad.
  • Fixed dying again after becoming a ghost with ranged weapons.
  • Improved portrait mode in the mobile client so that text is a better size for socializing.
  • Players and NPCs now have the ability to be snared (so that you cannot move). This will be integrated into gameplay probably through class abilities.
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