Browser MMORPG Patch v1994 – Healing/Damage Over Time Functionality, Bug Fixes, Mobile Client Update

Version 1994 (7/12/20 – 8/1/20)

  • Fixed issue with not being able to move after transitioning maps during combat
  • Fixed seemingly random disconnect bug that occurred when players were editing their guilds
  • Players now leave blood splatter when they die
  • Minimum PK level is now 5 instead of 1 to provide a small amount of protection for new players
  • Minimum ghost level is now level 1 and the message shows in general chat when death occurs
  • Script functions used to check if player is attackable now include level check
  • Snow weather has been much improved. Triangle snowflakes are out.
  • Running script timers now supports multiple iterations.
  • Vitals/stat buffs are now supported in the scripting language.
  • Removed empty inventory slots from trade, repair, recycle, and bank menus. Much easier to navigate.
  • Support for vitals over maximums in rare circumstances where that might be desired.
  • Map effects are now drawn under fringe layer.
  • Attack button on mobile client is no longer a toggle button and is now touch sensitive.
    • Press down to attack, release to stop.
  • Added the ability to change your account email address which will require you to re-validate.
  • Added the ability to disband guilds. If all founders are removed, the guild is disbanded.
  • Added a fee of 1000 gold to accept a guild invitation.
  • Made chat channels independent of each other. Click the desired channel to automatically chat in it.
    • Normal characters ‘/! still function normally but are no longer required.
  • Shutting the server down now gives players a 10 second notification before the shutdown occurs.
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