Browser MMO Patch v2010 – Battle Royale Mode, Bug Fixes & Guild Enhancements

The Free Browser MMO – Mirage Online Classic

Mirage Online Classic is a free browser MMO that requires no download to play.  The client is available on, Newgrounds, Steam, GameJolt & other platforms.  Level your character, explore a vast world, defeat quests, and slay monsters…  Create guilds, loot treasure, chat with friends to become increasingly powerful in this free browser MMO!  The game is always in development because of the feedback provided by the community.  Mirage Online Classic, a free browser MMO, is the spiritual successor to Retrelon Games’s 2001 release, Mirage Online.


Free Browser MMO


Version 2010 Patch Notes
9/20/21 – 10/30/21

  • Battle royale mode added into game. More to come on this.
  • Battle royale leaderboard added to webpage.
  • Improved attack area calculation for players and NPCs to compensate for latency.
  • Fixed bug that resulted in rarely walking one tile despite the player actually running.
  • Fixed bug that caused mobile players to get booted on more laggy connections.
  • Bug fixed that caused ranged shots to hit their target 1-2 tiles ahead of where it is visually.
  • Resolved bug that prevented shots from hitting a target standing on a directional block tile.
  • Added hardcore mode for battle royale which behaves like PvP having equipment drops.
  • Penalty drops in PvP will now select a random inventory item if no equipment is equipped.
  • Player shots no longer have a two tile hitbox so they are more accurate.
  • If a player engages in PvP and flees to suicide against an NPC, the attacker with the highest hits gets credit for the kill.
  • Players can no longer quit the game instantly when participating in a battle royale.
  • Players can now enter safe zones when participating in a battle royale and have less than 50% hp.
  • Fury no longer stacks shots when fired before having moved half a tile.
  • Player access to map editor now includes all tile types that don’t involve items/npcs/damage.
  • When a player dies their hit counters are now reset on all other players.
  • Soldier+ guild members can no longer enter any safe maps if they have less than 50% health.
  • A red bar will appear on the edge of the map when you approach it to warn you.
  • Battle royales now handled with hardcode with optional script events.
  • Pets maintained on map reset.
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