Free Browser MMORPG Patch v2011 – Groundwork for Pets, NPC Focus & Bug Fixes

The Free Browser MMORPG – Mirage Online Classic

A new Battle Royale mode has been added to the browser-based free-to-play MMO, with ongoing bug testing and enhancements. Players can now acquire pets in-game and have the ability to use unlimited items. The game also features an auto-login feature for the client after server resets and fixed a bug with reconnecting on restart. NPCs now have the ability to target and attack pets, spawn in specific weather conditions, and “focus” on their target to prevent target switching. Additionally, there are now more sprites available for guilds and Patreon supporters. To prevent idle mining, resources will no longer regenerate when a player is adjacent to them. Lastly, there is a limit of one game join and promotion per day to prevent unintended PVP avoidance. With this new Battle Royale mode and other features, players can experience an exciting and engaging multiplayer online gaming experience.


Browser MMORPG


Version 2011 Patch Notes
10/30/21 – Present

The main addition is Battle Royale mode, which we will continue to bug test and enhance over time.  We are continuing to implement and test pets.

  • Made it possible to have an items with unlimited uses.
  • Client autos log back into the game after a server reset.
  • Fixed bug with client sometimes not reconnecting on restart
  • NPCs will now aggro pets.
  • NPCs can now spawn in specific types of weather similar to day/night.
  • Snow has been added as a rotated weather option.
  • Environment script callbacks added to process special events based on day/night or specific weather conditions.
  • NPCs can now “focus” on their target to prevent target changing based on number of hits inflicted.
  • Increase number of available sprites for use by guilds and patreon supporters.
  • Resources no longer regenerate if a player is adjacent to them to prevent idle mining.
  • To limit unintended PVP avoidance, the ability to join a game and be promoted is limited to once per day.
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