Browser MMORPG Patch v1993 – Controller Support, International Chat Filter, Mobile App Chat, Targeting, NPC AI & Menus

Version 1993 (7/12/20)

  • Added auto region/language filter to global chat. Can be disabled in settings to see global messages from all languages
  • Portrait mode in mobile now puts you in chat box mode for easier chat communication.
  • Added a notification when in portrait mode on mobile that you need to be in landscape mode to play game.
  • Added guild alliance check to isAttackable script routines
  • Fixed a resize bug in map editor with recent changes
  • Removed the mobile instructions from login, it was bulky and not really needed any longer
  • Implemented auto target removal on players if not on the same map with the target and you fall out of combat
  • Sprite, name, color, or scale updates no longer force a position update, so those changes are now smooth (like going invis or turning into a boat)
  • Assassins/ninjas can now see themselves when they are invisible and look like a ghost, movement is super smooth now
  • Script editor now has horizontal scroll bar, so scripts no longer need to wrap text which look ugly and difficult to maintain
  • Removed unequip messages
  • Made is so monsters that spawn but not part of the map despawn when the map is unloaded (5 minutes of no players on the map)
  • Fixed bug that caused blocking with other players when they attacked an npc, no longer the case
  • Changed NPC AI to allow walking through players to reach its target
  • Changed NPC AI to randomly face towards target primarily useful for NPCs firing ranged attacks
  • Resolved issue with browser caching and removed revision numbers from art assets
  • Made attack checks against NPCs first then players which is especially useful when many players are doing quests at the same time
  • Ranged attacks no longer perform a collision check to fire, which resolves an issue receiving “nothing to attack here” when you should be able to fire ranged
  • Full xinput/dinput gamepad support. Use your Microsoft or Sony controllers to play MOC! Button mappings are fixed at the moment, but a remap option may be implemented in the future.
    • xinput Buttons: Use digital or analog to move, A=Attack, X=Toggle run, Y=Pickup, L=Target self, R=Cycle target, L2=Run
    • dinput Buttons: Use digital or analog to move, X=Attack, Square=Toggle run, Triangle=Pickup, L=Target self, R=Cycle target, L2=Run
  • Fixed NPC pathing for swarm/guard behavior types
  • Made all drawn text and target ignore map darkness so you can more easily see what you’re doing/what you’re attacking
  • Targeting switched from an ellipse to a square due to previous change, but more easily seen on smaller mobile devices
  • Player selection, guild, and hall menus have been revamped to remove empty gaps–looks much cleaner now
  • Player creation menu has been expanded to handle more description text
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