Browser MMORPG Patch v1992 – Targeting, Recycling & Bug Fixes

Version 1992 (6/27/20)

  • Added targeting back into the game. You can click to target or use keys
  • Bug fix for script is attack-able check for pk players
  • Added quit button in game to allow you to get back to login screen quickly without needed to reload
  • Added rebind keys for self target or cycle targets (default is pressing 1 to target self and tab to cycle targets)
  • Targeting keeping target on an invisible player is no longer possible.
  • You can now recycle any item in the game provide it has a recycle value associated with it.
  • Shops can now sell 20 items. (Up from 10)
  • Fixed a random movement bug caused by the final character written in a chat message.
  • Fixed bug where projectiles would go through players and NPCs
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