Browser MMORPG Patch v1991 – Mobile Client Updates, NPC Pathfinding & Bug Fixes

Version 1991 (6/18/20)

  • Bug disallowing you to pickup items if more than the inventory limit was dropped on the ground has been resolved
  • Flip game screen is now a feature in settings
  • All window buttons have been revamped to look nicer and support multi rows primarily for popups
  • Negative values for all stat items or vitals for potions is now supported
  • In combat notification now only shows up when you hit something or something hits you
  • NPC pathfinding now includes directional block tiles; bad pathing should be less of an issue
  • Fixed a bug where map float and chat text calls used the same call function resulting in map float text to disappear prematurely.
  • ‘Swarm’ type NPCs no longer have their warmup timer reset on target change.
  • Popups caused by attacking or killing NPCs no longer cause you to auto-attack
  • Item level requirement now displayed on item description window
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