Browser MMORPG Patch v1989-1990, Tower of V’Drazzig & Future Releases

Closed Beta Update & Tower of V’Drazzig Release

It has been two weeks since Closed Beta testing has begun.  We’ve made great strides in correcting several bugs within the base game engine and are progressing towards additional content and feature releases.  The first of many will be the long awaited re-imagining of the dungeon, Tower of V’Drazzig. 

We are currently developing a buff & poison system.  Also at this stage of development, understanding where to go to do your next dungeon is difficult to figure out.  A central system location is being developed to guide players to their next dungeon, mission or task.  Additional quests will be released in June, including “Crypt” & “Heroes”.  Lastly, we are testing integrations of the client into several potential partner websites as a distribution method once we go into Open Beta, which will also open up Normal (non-Hardcore) classes.

If you would like to sign-up for Closed Beta Testing, click here.


Version 1989 (5/31 – 6/3)

  • Reduced level requirement for creating/joining a guild to level 5.
  • Guilds require a minimum of three members to keep guild and/or hall.
  • If a guild doesn’t pay upkeep or have minimum members, it goes into delinquent status.
  • Guilds have three days to get out of delinquent status (pay upkeep or ensure minimum membership).
  • If a guild is in delinquent status, the guild is sent a notification every hour.
  • Upon paying the balance and minimum membership, delinquent status will be removed.
  • Item limits now shown in popup description.
  • Item profession restrictions now shown in popup description.
  • Ability to change equipped gear without max vitals.
  • Level to turn into a ghost reduced from level 10 to level 5.
  • Account recovery and changing account password are now functioning properly.
  • Minor change to how often NPC movement checks occur.


Version 1990 (6/3 – 6/12)
  • Players can now walk through other players until hitting or being hit by a player.  
  • Blocking always occurs within guild halls.
  • New perimeter added to npcAttack, attackPlayer and attackNPC functions for damage type durability.
  • Character slots per account increased from 3 to 8.
  • Bank slots increased from 30 to 90.
  • New script function “Popup” for in-game dialogue and choice selection.
  • Directional walls no longer allow NPCs to melee attack through.
  • Directional walls now have the ability to block projectiles.
  • Hall editor now visible to players from the guild menu and shows ownership details.
  • Durability items now show yellow at 25% durability and red at 10% rather than fixed numbers.
  • You can now press escape or enter while in chat to immediately go back to game.
  • To prevent accidental submissions, a delay was been added for responses to popup boxes.
  • Ability to buy any hall regardless of your location as long as it is vacant.
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