Browser MMORPG Closed Beta Begins May 29nd

With 3 months of development, the MOC team is excited to begin Closed Beta testing on May 29th.  The duration of this test will solely depend on the amount of bugs found after opening up the revamped system within a live environment.  Hardcore classes will be the only classes available to prevent a significant level advantage for testers once the server moves to Open Beta.

So, what’s changed?  Almost every part of the engine since early-February has been enhanced and re-imagined for scale.  The scripting engine has been improved to provide new encounter experiences that were impossible prior to Phase 2.  Four quests (Down in the Well, Hidden Lair of the Kair-Norax, Garden of the Wanderer & Into the Haunted House) will be available at launch to assure for quality control, but will have a set release calendar.  

There is still time to sign up for Closed Beta Testing by filling out an application, which also requires you to join our Discord to centralize bug reporting. 

Here is what you can expect upon logging in:


Mirage Closed Beta Starts Tomorrow


What to expect on Day 1 of Closed Beta

  • 8 total classes
    • 4 standard gameplay classes
      • Knight, Mage, Cleric & Assassin
    • 4 hardcore gameplay classes
      • Barbarian, Wizard, Paladin & Ninja
        • Share abilities of standard counterparts with 10% stat bonuses and level reset on PvE death
  • Randomized treasure rewards 
    • Variation of values, item slots & stats
  • Spell item slot removed; Integrated into classes and impacted by gear
    • Knight/Barbarian
      • Passive:  Higher base health & non-magic defense
      • On-click:  Immune to all damage for next two attacks
      • Weakness:  Lower magic defense and range damage
    • Mage/Wizard
      • Passive:  Higher magic defense & range damage
      • On-click:  Magic damage based on gear
      • Weakness:  Lower non-magic defense and health
    • Cleric/Paladin
      • Passive:  Higher magic defense & range damage
      • On-click:  Healing based on gear & ability to resurrect slain players
      • Weakness:  Lower non-magic defense and health
    • Assassin/Ninja
      • Passive:  Regain health upon killing an enemy
      • Passive:  Higher melee/range attacks
      • On-click:  Invisibility
      • Weakness:  Non-range defense
  • New item slot:  Accessory
  • New NPC types with name indicators
    • Range NPC (➼)
    • Magic NPC w/ cooldowns (⛤)
    • Healing NPCs w/ cooldowns (✟)
    • Boss NPCs (☠)
  • Reconfigurable keyboard controls
    • Movement, attack, run, pickup and chat
  • Ability to choose your respawn location after death
    • Guild hall, inn or various preset locations
  • Guilds and hall commands moved to the visual guild window accessible in the user interface
    • Create guild, send/accept invite, remove/promote/war/alliance
    • Buy hall, guild sprite & add funds to guild balance
  • Players in guilds now display 3 letter acronym in front of their displayed name
  • New weather effects
    • Fog & Snow
  • Defense and damage now separated by physical, range & magical
    • Any combination can be applied to any item
  • In-combat notification in lower right corner of game play window
  • Ability to change glow color of lighting effects
  • 500+ new sprite, tile & item artwork
  • Revamp of the towns, quests, mobs, items & leveling philosophy
    • No level cap; soft cap through exponential experience needed per level
  • Skills & recipes removed for quality control; will return after future engine development 
  • New admin rank:  community managers
    • Manage chat and in-game events
  • Stats gained from leveling static and unique per class
  • Massive expansion of scripting language & engine restructured
    • 300+ functions & 70+ call events
  • Accounts now require email verification
  • Improved mobile experience on the browser client
    • Several layout and gameplay bugs resolved
  • Inventory limit set for every item in the game
    • 250,000 gold; 5 per unique gear item; other restrictions to be determined in testing
  • Enhanced security system developed
    • Action log & internal alert system
  • Consistent updates as systems are tested
  • A great deal more… seriously… so many small improvements that individually are underwhelming but as a whole are monstrous.





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