Major Client Update

1/16/2020 Update

Shops no longer speak twice when you first join them.
Function additions to scripting language.
Item limits for stack-able inventory items added.
Removed the ability to swap equipment while in combat.
Stat points changed from two each level to two between 1-40 and only one there after for balance.
Multiple shop trade removed due to resource exhaustion if too many transactions performed at one time.
Added server lockdown mode to allow admins to close game to players temporarily (emergencies use only).
Additional effect sprites added
Item sprite tweaks
New graphical header added while in game
Added long click support for dropping items targeted to mobile and Mac users without right click
Minimum PK level brought down to 1 but no ghost timer until level 10 still
Players with PK status on a GvG map are fair game now
Unlocked more sprites for guilds to choose from
Increased data flooding fudge factor to prevent player boots
Fixed script bug for move tiles that caused jerky sprite (common complaint)
Players can’t be invited to a guild until they are level 10 and can’t create a guild until they are level 10
Guilds now have access to over 500 sprites
Resurrection spells now give the dead play the option to accept before being resurrected
Motivation is in the process of being removed.
Taunt has been renamed Heroic Voice and now correctly taunts an NPC. Additionally, it increases the energy of players around the caster. This energy ability is usable without the taunt feature by clicking on a player. Cost is 10 HP to caster.

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