June 2024 Patch Note Summary

June 2024 Patch Note Summary

Mirage Online Classic has recently received a significant update aimed at enhancing player experience and gameplay depth. Players can now personalize items, opening up a wealth of customization options that promise to diversify gameplay in this browser-based 2D MMORPG. Issues with hue, saturation, and brightness adjustments for map items have been resolved, ensuring a more immersive visual experience.

Combat mechanics have also seen improvements, with fixes implemented for NPCs not engaging players correctly at map edges and issues related to hitbox advantages. Additionally, traps no longer disappear unexpectedly on blocked tiles, providing smoother gameplay interactions. New commands such as “/clear” for managing chat content and “/redraw” for resolving rare black screen issues have been introduced, enhancing player convenience.

Further enriching gameplay dynamics, melee attacks can now penetrate directional block tiles, adding strategic depth to encounters. The update also addresses bugs affecting NPC pathfinding, ensuring smoother navigation across the game world. Integration with Patreon has been optimized to sync properly, overcoming previous API limitations.

In terms of gameplay enhancements, players can now customize movement speeds for different player classes through scripting, providing greater flexibility in character development. New environmental mechanics include ice slide and quicksand tiles, which introduce unique puzzle-solving challenges and alter player movement speeds accordingly.

Interactive elements have been expanded with the introduction of one-time lootable chests that can spawn NPCs upon opening, as well as safe from combat tiles for secure PvP zones. Visual clarity has been improved with NPC health bars now updating correctly when buffed, contributing to a more polished combat experience.

The scripting engine has also seen upgrades, now supporting die roll functions and allowing adjustments to maximum vitals for spawned NPCs, empowering creators to craft more dynamic encounters. Quality of life improvements include increased bank slots and support for persistent player housing, catering to long-term player engagement and progression.

Leaderboard statistics have been expanded to provide deeper insights into player achievements, while guild upkeep payments are now logged for transparency and management. Visual customization options have been enhanced with support for modifying saturation, brightness, and alpha channels of sprites and items, allowing for a more personalized visual style.

Overall, these updates aim to elevate Mirage Online Classic’s status as a leading browser-based MMORPG, offering a rich and immersive gameplay experience with enhanced customization, improved mechanics, and expanded content capabilities.


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