Development Notes & Browser MMORPG Closed Beta Phase 2 Signups

The MOC team has been working hard to utilize the info gained from the initial Open Beta.  Performance between the client & server has been optimized by 7,000% with capabilities of handling 1,000+ concurrent users.  The engine was completely revamped in some areas to provide a better browser, mobile and steam experience.  Due to past exploits of the system, increased security measures have been added into the game for earlier detection.  With such a heavy change to the game’s data structure, accounts will need to be reestablished.  Some details will be admittedly vague as the developmental process is still on-going.  Closed Beta servers are expected to go live Mid-May.


What is completed or nearing completion?

  • New game mode:  Hardcore (PvE death returns to level 1)
  • Item slot type Spell replaced by Accessory
  • Spells changed from item to class dependent
  • Reconfigurable keyboard controls
  • Ability to choose your respawn location
  • Guild menu has additional info including hall & balance
  • Guild balance no longer connected to hall
  • Additional weather effects, including snow & fog
  • Randomized treasure system
  • Gear has the ability to have multiple stat types
  • In-combat notification
  • Hex color lighting effects
  • Hundreds of new sprites, items & tile art
  • Systems revamped:  Classes, spells, towns, leveling & quests
  • Ability to promote players to community managers
  • Stats gained from leveling now unique per class
  • Continent completed with significantly more water travel
  • Massive expansion of scripting language & engine restructured
  • Accounts now require email verification
  • Improved mobile experience on the browser client
  • Inventory limit set for every item in the game
  • Enhanced security system developed
  • Increased ability to control or clear items present server-wide within online and offline characters. 
    • Including items in inventories, banks & on-map


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