Month: May 2021

Browser MMORPG Patch v2006 – Trade Menu, Logout Delay, PVP Bug Fixes, Movement Speed

Version 2006 (5/9/21 – Present)

  • Added ability to change player names through scripting.
  • Player trading added to game on the menu bar below shop button.
  • Quit button moved back into settings to make room for the player trading button.
  • Quitting on a safe map is now instant. If you disconnect without quitting the cooldown still applies.
  • Monitor permissions have been reduced to allow player assignment.
  • Guild initiates are now attackable on red PvP maps.
  • Additional scripting functions added.
  • Bans are updated when player account changes occur.
  • Player/NPC names are now drawn closer to the sprite itself (less blank space).
  • Faster movement and run speed (back to how it was originally).
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