Phase 1 of Open Beta has Ended

On behalf of the development team, we thank everyone for assisting in the first phase of open beta testing of Mirage Online Classic.  The ability to test the game engine within a live environment proved to be an extremely valuable opportunity.  A laundry list of unforeseen bug fixes, gameplay modifications […]

New Skill: Mining

2/5/20 Update – Mining skill is live – Skill level impacts success and how much you gather – Rare items opportunities – Resources are intended to build a player economy and to be used for future skills – /skill to view all skill ‘experience’ until user interface added – 100 level […]

New Quest: Skogtroll Fortress

2/3/20 Update –  After being denied a feast in the Crendale Keep, the Troll Prince is back, but not alone.   Location:  West of Crendale Dock Difficulty:  Very Hard Reward:  12-26 Melee Weapon (200 Uses; Repairable), Gold & Experience

Scripting, Guild Hall & Artwork Update

1/27/20 Update – 2 new functions added for scripting getItemLevel & getItemProfession – 5 new events added for scripting gainlevel, shotplayer, shotnpc, npcshot & gather – Reworked all functions involving items & npcs for future development flexibility – Ability to set guild rank requirements for door attribute – More flexibility […]

Client Update v1980

1/25/20 Update v1980 – Global mute feature added – NPC attack warmup delay increased by 100ms to improve ability to kite NPCs with melee – Inventory tooltips no longer extend past top of screen – Minimum player damage increased to 0-5, minimum NPC damage remains 0-3 – Bug allowing ghosts […]

Gameplay Update

1/17/2020 Update Thief, Jester, Bushido, Ninja & Samurai have new spell, Invisibility. Mage, Cleric, Necromancer & Dark Mage spells buffed with range/cooldowns changes. Stronger offensive magic spells require closer range to target. Life by Death changed to ‘up to 20 HP’ based on 25% of NPC max health. Starting stats […]

Major Client Update

1/16/2020 Update Shops no longer speak twice when you first join them. Function additions to scripting language. Item limits for stack-able inventory items added. Removed the ability to swap equipment while in combat. Stat points changed from two each level to two between 1-40 and only one there after for […]

Client Update

1/9/2020 1:12AM Update  Email is remembered at login screen. Spam potions bug has been resolved. Players sent back to login screen after 5 seconds when server reboots. Global script events added for all game functions. Bug where guild members remained in guild after leaving resolved. Cooldown on spells now noted […]