Gameplay Update

1/17/2020 Update Thief, Jester, Bushido, Ninja & Samurai have new spell, Invisibility. Mage, Cleric, Necromancer & Dark Mage spells buffed with range/cooldowns changes. Stronger offensive magic spells require closer range to target. Life by Death changed to ‘up to 20 HP’ based on 25% of NPC max health. Starting stats […]

Major Client Update

1/16/2020 Update Shops no longer speak twice when you first join them. Function additions to scripting language. Item limits for stack-able inventory items added. Removed the ability to swap equipment while in combat. Stat points changed from two each level to two between 1-40 and only one there after for […]

Client Update

1/9/2020 1:12AM Update  Email is remembered at login screen. Spam potions bug has been resolved. Players sent back to login screen after 5 seconds when server reboots. Global script events added for all game functions. Bug where guild members remained in guild after leaving resolved. Cooldown on spells now noted […]

User Interface Update

Today, we started freshening up the user interface by modifying the buttons.  We decided a little bit of text helps provide a little additional clarity for new players.

Client Update

1/5/2020 12:30AM Update Goal: To make damage be less spikey and controllable. Ability to sell any repairable item at any location you can repair Ineffective Armor (100% NPC/Player hit w/o defense) reduced to 0% (was at 10%) Ineffective Weapon (0% NPC/Player hit) reduced to 0% (was at 10%) XP calculation […]

Client Update

1/4/2020 1:37AM Update Goal: To make damage be less spikey and controllable. +1 STR gives 1.5 HP per point (up from 1 HP) +3 STR gives +1 Max Melee Dmg (up from +4 STR) +1 MAG gives 1 HP (up from .5 HP) 100% Armor Failure reduced from 40% to […]

Beta 1964 Released

Visual guild editor to manage your guild has been implemented! Server hardware also upgraded with double the memory to handle the increase in players.

Beta 1960 Release

Beta 1960 released which includes a shared item bank that players can deposit items into and access from any other player on their account. Just visit a shop that has a bank, which Crendale has one! Access the bank through the trade menu.

Beta 1958 Release

Beta 1958 released which includes no damage to equipment while in an arena area on a map, multiple trade transactions at one time, and restoring original sprite if changed on death (so you aren’t perpetually a boat for example).

Browser Client Open Beta

After nearly 4 years of development and an art style change, we are now entering a small open beta stage to find any obvious bugs, to balance the world and begin developing the external world of Mirage Online Classic.