Author name: Consty

Beta 1964 Released

Visual guild editor to manage your guild has been implemented! Server hardware also upgraded with double the memory to handle the increase in players.

Beta 1960 Release

Beta 1960 released which includes a shared item bank that players can deposit items into and access from any other player on their account. Just visit a shop that has a bank, which Crendale has one! Access the bank through the trade menu.

Beta 1958 Release

Beta 1958 released which includes no damage to equipment while in an arena area on a map, multiple trade transactions at one time, and restoring original sprite if changed on death (so you aren’t perpetually a boat for example).

Beta 1938 Release

Beta 1938 released which includes more additions to the scripting language. There’s also some new developments happening by Zeus, so look for that.

Beta 1930 Release

Beta 1930 released which most notably includes the addition of an extremely capable scripting engine. We can now make much more unique quests, so look forward to seeing some new things!

Beta 1920 Release

Beta 1920 with run toggle option (suggestion by betoissues) in settings so you can change the behavior to require holding shift to run. Increased the size of the mobile touch controls and fixed some oddities with windows resizing slightly every so often. Vital bars also no longer extend past the visible range of the browser …

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