Phase 1 of Open Beta has Ended

On behalf of the development team, we thank everyone for assisting in the first phase of open beta testing of Mirage Online Classic.  The ability to test the game engine within a live environment proved to be an extremely valuable opportunity.  A laundry list of unforeseen bug fixes, gameplay modifications […]

New Skill: Mining

2/5/20 Update – Mining skill is live – Skill level impacts success and how much you gather – Rare items opportunities – Resources are intended to build a player economy and to be used for future skills – /skill to view all skill ‘experience’ until user interface added – 100 level […]

New Quest: Skogtroll Fortress

2/3/20 Update –  After being denied a feast in the Crendale Keep, the Troll Prince is back, but not alone.   Location:  West of Crendale Dock Difficulty:  Very Hard Reward:  12-26 Melee Weapon (200 Uses; Repairable), Gold & Experience