Patch v2003 – Item Cooldowns, Speed, Effects & Scripting

Version 2003 (2/25/21 – 3/13/21) Experience gained in excess of amount needed to level now spill into next level. Added script functions to manipulate item use cooldowns. Movement speed per tile increased by 50ms to provide more precise control. Applies to NPCs as well. Added movable effect animations from players/npcs […]

Patch v2002 – Bug Fixes & Blinky Name Customization

Version 2002 (2/6/21 – 2/25/21) Resolved issue with projectiles hitting players on safe maps. Resolved issue with going into combat when using skills. Added support for customized blinky name colors through scripting. Bombs/traps implemented as an alternative to ranged weapons. There is now a 5s delay on players leaving after […]